Superman Advice on Social Distancing is a Tad Unrealistic

DC Comics has been running a few #ConnectedTogether messages on its Instagram page, but in today;s published comic books, freshly printed and distributed by Diamond, UCS and Lunar all at once, it made it into the pages. All the monthly titles published today feature this Superman image, with this hashtag.

Superman's Advice to Comic Book Readers is a Tad Unrealistic.
Superman's Advice to Comic Book Readers is a Tad Unrealistic. Art from DC.

You know it's all right for some of us who have our own Fortress Of Solitude, Superman. Filled with portals to other worlds, alien races in zoos, technology from all alien races, messages from the past and from the future and hundreds of robot uses to see to our every whim. Even some robot Lois Lanes, and a couple of robot Jimmy Olsens, because you never know. If DC Comics is willing to ship us all individual Fortresses of Solitude, it would be a different matter, but I don't even think that even Lunar Distribution has enough bubble wrap for that, no matter how #ConnectedTogether we are.

As Stephen Colbert told Matt Damon on A Late Show With Stephen Colbert, "No one wants to hear about famous people who have it so great. We went over the guidelines at the rich people club. You say how lucky you are, give a shout-out to the healthcare workers, then zip it! Don't tell them about mermaid hunting in the secret ocean only we know about. Okay, see you at Scarjo's mountaintop lobster-fest."

Maybe follow-up images could avoid Superman when advising readers to build their own Batcave beneath their mansions. Or hide away on their very own Paradise Island. Hey, they could even use Zeta beams to travel to an isolated asteroid, Boom Boxes to find a Fifth, Sixth or Seventh World, or become imps of the fifth dimension, where every piece of matter is isolated in its own universe away from the next.

Also, is it me, or in that image does it look as if Superman is going to use his heat vision on anyone who doesn't stay 6 feet away from their neighbour? Who engaged in a socially distanced conga? Or who travelled from England to Scotland?

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