Thanksgiving Morning Runaround

Okay, Americans, while you are tucking into turkey or tofurkey, we will be plotting to take our colony back. Listen out for any underground drilling, we're just laying the foundations for The New County Of America which will fall under the Duchy of Cornwall.


Lauren Sankovitch is off…

Not just the DCers who are heading to the West Coast. Heidi writes "Sankovitch is heading to the West Coast to pursue still hush hush opportunities."


Francis, the console killer of YouTube, may not be tucking into a full Turkey dinner today…

With more than a million subscribers right now, Williams' plans seem to be working. Without divulging numbers, Williams said that the ad revenue from his YouTube videos keeps him very comfortable. Still, it's impossible to watch a Francis video and not worry that he might just keel over while ranting about microtransactions. Success is great but the thing he needs to do most is lose weight. "My heaviest weight ever in my life was 587 pounds. I stood on the scale just yesterday and I weighed 527," he told me. "We have a plan and that plan is very simple: I have to get down to 450 pounds before my weight loss surgeon will be allowed to touch me. That's another 77 pounds of weight loss.

517009de5e36fIRON MARKETER

Marvel are thankful to win from the Diagnostic Marketing Association, their Marketer Of The Year award for their team up with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics for a comic book  IRON MAN: HEROES UNITE by Bryan J.L. Glass and Kev Sharp.

Siemens made it a priority to make sure the backbone of the diagnostics community received their spotlight in IRON MAN: HEROES UNITE, with Pearl Powers, a laboratory technologist, working alongside the Armored Avenger to save the day.

"All healthcare professionals are heroes," emphasized Dave Hickey, CEO Chemistry, Immunoassay, Automation & IT Business Unit at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. "Laboratory professionals deliver results needed to support clinical decisions. They're not well-known, [but] they are pivotal. Everybody has had a blood or urine test. There is a critical shortage of laboratory technologists in the United States."



Check it. Comics on bananas to get kids to eat more healthily. Gotta collect all six!


Ben Templesmith is taking art commissions in time for Christmas…

 If you want in on the list, just follow the link to 78SQUID and the commissions section for info and examples. Limited number only, but I'll dedicate some time to doing them and finishing a couple I've still to get to from conventions. ( I usually ONLY take commissions on during cons but I try my best to get a few done for those who can't attend now. )


Matt Kindt has teased that he's designing the next 6 back covers of Mind MGMT to form a collective poster that "recombined" also reveals a "secret". Was it kind or cruel to tell fans this far in advance and leave us guessing until we can get our sweaty hands on all 6?

Sketch for next 6 back covers of MIND MGMT. Combine them all for a really big poster! Recombine for…secrets!

— Matt Kindt (@mattkindt) November 27, 2013


Pop culture photographer and writer Seth Kushner reflects on his obsession with Superman: The Movie in 1978 as all he wanted for Hanukkah on 13th Dimension.

Seth_KushnerAlong with images, I remember feelings. I remember feeling uplifted and inspired by "You've got me? Who's got you?" I remember feeling frightened by Superman's scream of despair when Lois died in the dirt-filled car (until Supes moves time backward). I remember feeling reassured and safe by "A friend." But, most of all, I remember Hanukkah 1978 at the movies with my dad.

And, it was…Super.


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