The Beginning After the End: Tapas, Yen Press to Publish Six Volumes

Tapas announced a continued partnership with Yen Press to release more print volumes of the hit Korean webcomic series The Beginning After the End at The Beginning After the End. This was announced at the Creator TurtleMe Reveal panel at Anime NYC. Since its publication, The Beginning After the End, Vol. 1 is now one of the bestselling fantasy graphic novels of 2022. The good news is that fans will not have to wait long for more, as Yen Press will publish Volume 2 in February 2023. The even better news is that Yen Press and Tapas have committed to four more volumes, starting with additional releases in 2023 and then into 2024.

The Beginning After the End: Tapas, Yen Press to Publish Six Volumes
"The Beginning After the End" cover art, Yen Press.

The Beginning After the End stands out as one of the most read series from the leading digital publisher of webcomics and webnovels, Tapas, with more than 13.3 million webcomic views and more than 14.4 million webnovel views for a combined readership of nearly 28 million. The August 2022 print edition of the first volume ranked as one of the bestselling graphic novels upon release, surpassing many of the top-selling manga and print editions of webcomics in its debut week. The six print editions will complete the series and look great on fans' bookshelves.

"Perhaps I'm a bit of an oldie, but being able to walk by a bookstore's shelf and spot a copy of The Beginning After the End has always been a big dream of mine," said Tae Ha Lee, known as TurtleMe, the series creator. "Thank you to Yen Press for having such confidence in my story to continue publishing the next several installments, and thank you to all my readers for your love and support for the series."

The release date of the print editions of The Beginning After the End, Vols. 3–6 will be announced by Yen Press at a later date.

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