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strange planet
Now we're learning that Harmon's reach will also extend to Apple TV+, with word that the Community creator is teaming up with Strange Planet creator Nathan Pyle to bring the webcomic and graphic novels to the streaming service with a straight-to-series order Featuring stories that focus on big-eyed, brightish-blue aliens on a planet that could[...]
Everything Is Meta – A Blatant & Wholly Transparent Appeal To You
And I know you know. So here it is: I'm running a Kickstarter collecting my first webcomic series from 23 years ago into a book. Steve Conley's Undersea Menace From The Year 2000 I love this project Astounding Space Thrills was my first webcomic series from back in 1998-2000, and I've spent countless hours remastering, re-lettering, and even[...]
Navillera: The Webcomic that Inspired the Netflix Series is on Tapas
As it happens, it was adapted from a webcomic as an increasing number of Korean dramas are The webcomic serial is now available on Tapas This one is a weepie about a 70-year-old retired postman who decides to pursue his life-long dream: ballet. "Navillera" – Tapas, Netflix As the official synopsis for Navillera goes: "After the funeral[...]
The Abandoned Empress: Yen Press to Publish Print Edition of Webtoon
Yen Press, the prolific US-based publisher of manga, and light novels, announced they would be publishing the first English physical release of The Abandoned Empress, the popular Korean webcomic written by Yuna with art from iNA. The Abandoned Empress is a beloved work originally published by D&C Webtoon, the company responsible for the worldwide phenomenon Solo Leveling,[...]
Pina Varnel's Webcomic, ADHD Alien, Sold As Graphic Novel From Dial
ADHD Alien is a webcomic by comic book creator and animation visual development artist, Pina Varnel which has now been picked up by Lauri Hornik at Dial as a debut YA graphic novel Won at auction, ADHD Alien follows a girl with ADHD during the pivotal summer when she gets diagnosed and finally makes sense of[...]
"Cinder's Ball" key art, Studio Tapas
Studio Tapas is the proud digital publishing platform for multiple novels and webcomics from celebrated creator C.J Young Cinder's Ball, Young's second novel-to-webcomic launches this week exclusively on Tapas, following the success of the hit Studio Tapas Original The Dragon Prince's Bride, whose  Novel version has 2.2M views and 39,000 subscribers, and its Webcomic adaptation has 2.2M views and 69.2[...]
Huda Fahmy Of @YesImHotInThis Sells Graphic Novel For Six Figures
Huda Fahmy, creator of webcomic @YesImHotInThis on Instagram has successfully auctioned Huda F Are You?, a new YA graphic novel, for six figures to Dana Chidiac at Dial for publication in the autumn of this year, Huda F Are You? is described as being loosely inspired by Fahmy's own high school years, follows Huda through her[...]
Space Sweepers: Netflix Announces Release Date and New Trailer
The movie actually launched a webcomic tie-in last year when the movie was originally scheduled to open in theatres there When the movie was delayed due to cinema closures due to the Pandemic, the webcomic launched anyway as the only way audiences could get the story before Netflix finally picked it up. "Space Sweepers" poster courtesy[...]
Studio Tapas: Tapas Media launches Original Content Division
Tapas Media, the leading US-based digital comics publisher with more than six billion views, has launched Studio Tapas, a new division dedicated to producing and publishing original webcomics and novels Studio Tapas has access to a catalog of more than 70 Originals owned by Tapas Media Studio Tapas has an additional 30 originals in production for[...]
The Last Blade: Tapas Media to Publish Webcomics of SNK Video Game
Webcomics publisher Tapas Media and legendary video game developer SNK Corporation announced a new partnership to produce new original series based on SNK's IP, beginning with an adaptation of the classic fighting game series The Last Blade The fantasy action-adventure webcomic is adapted, developed, and written in-house by Tapas Media and will debut on Tapas' mobile platform[...]
Fran Krause's Deep Dark Fears Hits The Shelves Today
Webcomic Deep Dark Fears by Fran Krause looks like it may be the latest big mainstream comic book success story, hitting bookstores today from Ten Speed Press Krause will be signing copies at Skylight Books in Los Angeles tonight. The strip, and book, takes those mad fleeting fears that pass through all of our brains, captures[...]
The Bullet With Johnny's Name On It
   Hervé St-Louis writes, Johnny Bullet is a comic I created about a drag car racer set in 1974. It's a Web comic published at ComicBookBin. It's a
Fans Of Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club Must Now Go Without
Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club is a webcomic by longstanding webcomic creators, Katie O'Neill and Toril Orlesky, taking place amongst voice actors working in animation, and set in Japan. Or rather, "was". Because it attracted criticism Such as, Anonymous asked: God damn this is why I hate it when ignorant white people like you try to make stuff about Japan just because[...]