Fran Krauses Deep Dark Fears Hits The Shelves Today

Fran Krause's Deep Dark Fears Hits The Shelves Today

Webcomic Deep Dark Fears by Fran Krause looks like it may be the latest big mainstream comic book success story, hitting bookstores today from Ten Speed Press Krause will be signing copies at Skylight Books in Los Angeles tonight.The strip, and book, takes those mad fleeting fears that pass through all of our brains, captures[...]

The Bullet With Johnnys Name On It

The Bullet With Johnny's Name On It

   Hervé St-Louis writes, Johnny Bullet is a comic I created about a drag car racer set in 1974. It's a Web comic published at ComicBookBin. It's a different approach than other comic media sites crossing the production line. Julian Darius of Sequart, is launching Martian Comics as a print graphic novel. Broken Frontier's Frederik […]

Fans Of Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club Must Now Go Without

Fans Of Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club Must Now Go Without

Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club is a webcomic by longstanding webcomic creators, Katie O'Neill and Toril Orlesky, taking place amongst voice actors working in animation, and set in Japan.Or rather, "was".Because it attracted criticism Such as, Anonymous asked: God damn this is why I hate it when ignorant white people like you try to make stuff about Japan just because[...]

The Ascent Of Psychopath &#8211 Garth Ennis Latest Crossed Webcomic

The Ascent Of Psychopath – Garth Ennis' Latest Crossed Webcomic

The new webcomic episode of Garth Ennis and Daniel Gete's Crossed DOA has just hit. Looking into the psychopathic mindset of our lead character - as we have been teased by what exactly he is planning to do, in order to survive.As well as the regular request to consider donating to the Crossed DOA webisodes and move,[...]

From Strip To Script &#8211 The Webcomic Bear Beater Bunyan

From Strip To Script – The Webcomic Bear Beater Bunyan

By Josh HechingerWelcome once more to From Strip to Script, where I take a shot at reverse-engineering a script from a finished page of someone else’s comic.Having done ten of these now, I’ve decided to turn my gaze Inward, seeking greater knowledge through self-exami—nah, I just thought it’d be interesting to try to derive a[...]

Could Scott Gross Cathair Be This Christmas Most Popular Webcomic

Could Scott Gross' Cathair Be This Christmas' Most Popular Webcomic?

Scott Gross, writer and illustrator of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? from DC Comics writes, "You write something today, something from a personal point of view… and it will run tomorrow." Johnston's email was terse but electrifying. It came in reply to my own polite thanks for an unsolicited (and unread) Christmas eCard. Why had he written […]

Sarah Roarks After Daylight After Halloween

Sarah Roark's After Daylight, After Hallowe'en

I'm Sarah Roark, and I write and draw the webcomic After Daylight, which has been updating faithfully (and feverishly) on a weekly basis for the past two years Now the first grand story arc is done, 100 hand-shaded pages are in the can, and you know what that means—time for the Kickstarter to fund the[...]

Swipe File: Bunny Suicide And Kelloggs Squares

Swipe File: Bunny Suicide And Kellogg's Squares

A Bunny Suicide strip. And an ad for Kelloggs' Squares advert seen on Facebook. Or is that a Squash File? In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree. They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the lightbox. We trust you, the reader, to […]

Theres Never Been A Better Time To Be Into Webcomics

There's Never Been A Better Time To Be Into Webcomics

Cakes, time travel, and wizards await! By Kate Ashwin. Running til Wednesday 27th August.Kate Ashwin writes,Webcomics are pretty important to me I mean, I've always loved comics, of course, but there's something very different about webcomics, and that's accessibility.I think I was fifteen or so when I realised that people were putting comics on the internet- just putting[...]

Late Night Fun: If Coffee Was Like Comic Cons

Late Night Fun: If Coffee Was Like Comic Cons

Kilted Comics has put together a series of cartoons comparing working in a coffee shop to being at a comic convention. According to the website, the new web-comic If Coffee Was Like Comic-Cons was dreamed up while standing in line for coffee at Emerald City Comic Con.

David Gallaher And Steve Ellis &#8211 Talking To The Only Living Boys

David Gallaher And Steve Ellis – Talking To The Only Living Boys

Tomorrow at Noon, ET, The Only Living Boy by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis launch the full free webcomic The Only Living Boy at olbcomic.com.We chatted about the comic, its origins and what it means.. for, you know Stuff.Rich Johnston: The Only Living Boy.. In New York or New Cross?David Gallaher: Both[...]

Comic Con Nerds Will Save Earth. Maybe.

Comic Con Nerds Will Save Earth. Maybe.

Jonathan Woodard writes for Bleeding Cool: I'm Jonathan Woodard and I'm probably best known for drawing and completing the first comic made entirely on an iPad "Samuel J. Coffy: Action Panda Cop". I'm now working on a new web comic – "GET TO THE CON". It's about a group of 30 year old nerds who […]

Home Bound Sweet Home Bound

Home Bound, Sweet Home Bound

Robert Schwager writes:I’m sitting here with one of the creators of a new webcomic “Home Bound” and by ‘here with’ I actually mean nothing of the sort, more just Facebook chatting Ian Wood is a pretty busy guy At 22 he is working on a masters in Bioinformatics and scripting/illustrating his new web comic[...]

Si Spurriers Disenchantment Gets A Second Episode&#8230

Si Spurrier's Disenchantment Gets A Second Episode…

Disenchanted the free webcomic/multi-media extravaganza Disenchanted by Simon Spurrier and German Erramouspe, published by Bleeding Cool's owner Avatar Press has had its second chapter go live.Naturally it maintains it's sophisticated charm, its debonair wit and a sense of good taste at all - - -Please yourself For those already mourning the upcoming absence of Fables,[...]

The Art of Developing Character With Max Miller

The Art of Developing Character With Max Miller

Max Miller writes for Bleeding Cool:In the bright, flashy world of webcomics a story where three people have a long conversation in a single hotel room sounds like a hard sell Shattered With Curve of Horn has been running as a weekly webcomic for nearly a year at www.Artagem.com, and I can tell you nothing[...]

Simon Spurrier Talks His New Webseries Disenchanted

Simon Spurrier Talks His New Webseries Disenchanted

On October 28th, Simon Spurrier is launching his brand new webseries Disenchanted with artist German Erramouspe. The series tells what happens to leprechauns, goblins, pixies and fey when people stop believing in them. How they all end up in Vermintown, a vile city filled with a million one-inch malcontents. Its a very un-Disney look at the […]

What May Be The Shortest Press Release Ever&#8230

What May Be The Shortest Press Release Ever…

Dov believes that the Bleeding Cool readers will really enjoy his new webcomic and hopes we will help spread the word.Dov Torbin may be a marketing genius.. or a very sick individual You decide. We receive press releases all the time They are filled with hyperbolic claims and grandiose verbiage treating even the smallest announcement[...]

The Zombie Boy That Wont Die

The Zombie Boy That Won't Die

for fourteen years.With the popularity of web comics, Stoke dusted off Zombie Boy and retooled it as a regular webcomic. Now going into its third year, Zombie Boy has garnered enough of a following that the original books are showing up in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.“This is a real thrill for me,” said Stokes[...]