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The Beginning of the End Webcomic Gets Print Edition from Yen Press
Yen Press announced the graphic novel print edition release of The Beginning After the End, the hit webcomic written by TurtleMe with art by Fuyuki23 based on the Tapas original novel. The Beginning After the End is one of the most read series on the leading digital publisher of webcomics and novels, Tapas, with more than 13.3 million[...]
Tapas Launches 5 New Fantasy Action Comics Series
As a web serial author for over three years, TurtleMe mixed traditional literature with fast-paced installments into his novel The Beginning After the End, an epic fantasy about the rebirth of a king into a new life of magic and twisted fate Both the prose and digital comics version of the series has millions of[...]
Tapas: A New Reader’s Digital Comics Primer
Fear not! Tapas' own Kim Estlund has offered a primer for new readers to sample their most popular series: Tapas Media Let's start at the top with our #1 Action Fantasy series, The Beginning After the End, which is not only a hit webcomic but is based on the same-titled Tapas original novel by TurtleMe[...]
Tapas Launches Tapastry, the Tapas Creator Community
Tapas has always supported creators from the UGC side with in-app marketing support such as editors picks and featuring series in the carousel on the mobile app." "The Beginning After the End" key art, Tapas Tapas' community creators have already seen great success thanks to this supportive model, including series that are now part of Studio Tapas Originals, Magical Boy,[...]
Tapas Launches 5 New Fantasy Action Comics Series
The series is 'Wait for Free' with new episodes available each week for free in the library tab of the app, or readers can unlock episodes using Ink. Tapas Fantasy Action Comics key art Tapas Action Fantasy Month officially began on New Year's day with the return of season three of the #1 smash hit Tapas Original[...]
The Beginning After the End: Tapas Offers Free Reading Day for Series
Tapas, the popular digital publisher of webcomics and novels, is celebrating the holiday season by inviting readers to spend "FREE Reading Day" on Thursday, December 10, with the #1 Action Fantasy series, The Beginning After the End The FREE Reading Day is an opportunity to binge the beloved series before its return for season four[...]