The Daily LITG, 8th February 2020, Happy Birthday Tyler Jenkins

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The 10 most-read stories yesterday

  1. "Death Note" Returns for a Special One-Shot Story – Read it Online for Free!
  2. Justice League #50 Explains How Wally West Gets Dr Manhattan's Power In Generation Zero
  3. "Doctor Who" Series 12: Chibnall on Finale Titles, Runtime; Timeless Child
  4. "Lucifer" Season 5: All About Eve (Awkward Reunions); E09 Title [Preview]
  5. "Doctor Who" Series 12 Finale: Ian McElhinney, Steve Toussaint Cast
  6. Tom Taylor, Iban Coello Behind Super-Mega-Crossover Event Spinning Out of FCBD X-Men?
  7. Bad Idea Comics – No Digital, No Collections, No Variants, One-Per-Customer, From Twenty Stores Only
  8. Fantomex Gets the Giant-Size X-Men Treatment in May from Jonathan Hickman and Rod Reis
  9. Today's Darth Vader #1 Comic Rewrites George Lucas' Star Wars Canon (MASSIVE SPOILERS)
  10. Bodnar's Auction House Pulls DC Comics Bound Volumes From Sale

From one year ago…

  1. When Creator Control of Comics Characters Goes Too Far…
  2. 8 Revealed DC Comics Covers by Rob Liefeld, Mikel Janin, Ethan Shaner, Derrick Chew and More
  3. Aladdin/Hamilton's James Monroe Iglehart to Write Spider-Man For Marvel Comics
  4. Fast Food Shocker: Wendy's Prefers Marvel Over DC
  5. Kyle MacLachlan's Advice to New 'Dune' Muad'Dib Timothée Chalamet

Happening today…

Things To Do In London... If You Like Comics - February 2020

Happy birthday to…

The Daily LITG, 8th February 2020, Happy Birthday

  • Tyler Jenkins, artist on Peter Panzerfaust, Grass Kings, Neverboy and Black Badge
  • Mark Russell, writer on Flintstones, Snagglepuss, Second Coming, Prez and Red Sonja.
  • Rick Shea, owner-operator at Famous Faces & Funnies, Melbourne Toy and Comic Con and Orlando Toy and Comic Con
  • Jennifer Weber, digital compositer at Marvel Entertainment
  • Gus Higuera, artist on New World Order
  • Ben Moor, comedian and comics lecturer.
  • Erik McCurdy, writer of Experiment 42.

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