The Galaxy Girls

The Galaxy Girls by Shawn DePasquale & Sherard Jackson. Kickstarter ends 08/22/2014. January 2015 completion date.

The all-female crew of The Galaxy Girl have to deliver a cache of stolen, Quantum-Hallucinogens to a planet of mythical-God worshipping natives, however, the mission is quickly revealed to be set-up and it isn't long before the Intergalactic Union sends in their elite police force to impound the girls' ship and arrest the team.

Now Mallori and the rest of the "Galaxy Girls" race the clock to build an army big enough to fight the Intergalactic Union, protect the planet stronghold of the Independent movement (a rebellious uprising of those who believe the Union is an evil empire), and steal their damn ship back!

Greetings Bleeding Coolers (Coolios?),

I am writing this from my water-proof bunker at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, with exactly 55 days of oxygen left before I have to return to the surface. It's pretty exciting, as I think this is the longest and deepest anyone has ever gone, but I cannot share any pictures of proof because my internet connection down here is terrible.

The reason I'm using up the last of my precious data plan is to appeal to you, the Bleeding Cool, for some assistance in making my dream a reality.

My name is Shawn DePasquale, and I am a writer, letterer and sometimes editor. I've worked in the comics industry fringes for over a decade, mostly known as a letterer. My work can be seen in the pages of books from Image, Oni, Archaia, Arcana, Zenescope and many smaller press companies.

Less familiar might be my writing work, but as of now I've had two books published via the kind people at Arcana Studios. The first was an original creation all my own called, SPACE,MN. The second was a work-for-hire job scripting an all-ages book called, PIXIES. Both are available for order digitally and in print. Check'em out if you're interested in what's come before, but we're here to discuss the future.


The future is THE GALAXY GIRLS. That's my future anyway, and I'm hoping it will be yours as well, because I'm the most proud of the work I've written for this 112 page sci-fi adventure, and I want to be able to share it with as many people as possible.


The artist lending his talents to the project is a guy named Sherard Jackson. You might not know his name, or his work, but you will want to after you've glimpsed the 12-page preview he pencilled, inked and colored for the Kickstarter page. He's insanely talented. I'm honored that he has picked this project to work on. He's the best person for the job, and I'm doing the most I can to pay him for his work.

That is where you come in. The Kickstarter is a means to raise the funds to pay Sherard for his amazing abilities. That's it. I'm not taking a dime. In fact, I'm covering any additional reward-related expenses so that all the money raised (less KS fees) can go directly to paying Sherard. He's worth more than he's asked to be paid for this project. A lot more, but he's as into this project as I am and so he's lowered his usual payrate, basically only covering his supplies and time away from other paying work. Why? Because he believes in this project.


There are a lot of choices for your Kickstarter dollars, but we feel The Galaxy Girls is an important enough book that it's worthy of your dollars. Important because it's an entirely independent creation, based off of nothing, adapted from nothing. It's an new idea, in a new world, with all new characters! More importantly, the leads of our book are all ass-kicking women. Not busty, scantily clad babes, but women. They have thoughts, feelings, personalities and can take care of themselves. They're strong and smart and dangerous and funny… kind of like the story they inhabit.

There's nothing I can say here that will convince you better than actual pages from the book. I think the best way to sell something is to give the audience a taste and let them realize they crave more.


Thank you in advance for giving us a shot, for supporting indie comics, and for any donation or share of the link. As a special bonus for Bleeding Cool readers (and anyone who's read this far and still plans on checking out the link) if you donate this weekend and mention you're from Bleeding Cool we will send out a personalized "thank you" image drawn by Sherard with a lettered message from me.

So, without any further rambling, here is a link to the Kickstarter page: 

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