The Joy Of Bat Sex?

This is how Bruce Wayne looks today.


Getting the nickname LumberBruce.

And, according to Scott Snyder

I wrote my first Bruce sex scene ever. It's coming, Greg, in the next script. Everyone is always on me about it. Bruce never has any romance. But now that he's like this, I wrote a scene with him where he's with Julie and things happen and whatever. I think it's a really good scene. You write these scenes and you're like, "Oh, they're so happy." But the horrible thing is, isn't it even worse when you give them this happiness? Because you know that you're going to rip it away from them. I feel even worse about myself. I'm even more evil.

I wonder… might it look anything like… this?


I am told it does give one something to grab onto…

Just remember to take precautions, Bruce. You know what happened last time.


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