The Legion Of Super-Heroes Preview That Didn't Appear In Today's DC Comics

The reasons for the recall and demanded destruction of the first Printings of Superman #14 and Supergirl #33 are still very unclear. Bleeding Cool ran a theory, nothing more, that it could have been down to the portrayed ethnic identity of the new Lightning Lad being different to that seen in previews and promotional artwork for the upcoming Legion Of Super-Heroes series but that's all it was, a theory.

The official explanation, that it was down to inaccurate Year Of The Villain-labelled covers didn't seem to tally with today's Catwoman also not having anything to do with Year Of The Villain: Dark Gifts but not being recalled or pulped. Or selling for 50 bucks online as a result.

The following pages have been used to both back up and contradict our theory. Previews of the upcoming Legion Of Super-Heroes comic, they include the same look that Lightning Lad has in Supergirl and Superman. They were intended to appear in all DCU print comic books today, according to DC Comics marketing man Albert Ching, in a tweet which reproduced the preview. However they did not appear in print copies today after all. They did appear in digital copies of the comics though… at least they did earlier today. Were the previews pulled and Ching's tweet deleted as a result?

It's all up, up, up in the air… any other theories are welcome.

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