How Tom King And Mikel Janin Homaged The First Appearances Of Joker And Riddler In Batman #25

Batman #25 by Tom King and Mikel Janin saw the beginning of The War Of Jokes And Riddles, the tale told by Bruce Wayne to Selina Kyle after he had proposed to her (and after (or possibly during) they had had sex – but before she had a second to answer the question. It was done, it seems, as a warning, exposing his deepest, darkest secret for Selina to judge him over.

And in doing so introduced The Joker and Riddler in a pose that corresponded with their very first appearance. The Riddler from Detective Comics #140…

Taking a mirror image from Mikel Janin.

And equally the Joker from Batman #1.

Given a similar pose…

Though without the tiger rug. Different age…

So. Is it a joke? Or is it a riddle?

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