The Two Big Secrets At The Heart Of The Marvel Universe (Captain America And Fantastic Four Spoilers)


No it's not who the first incursion was started that led to Time Runs Out. No, it's not that Scarlet Witch and Quicsiler are not the biological children of Magneto and they may be Inhumans. No it's not the crimes of Hank McCoy, to be revealed in his trial. It's not even how Spider-Man stops his costume from riding up. But there are two secrets in today's Marvel Comics that may affect all the other books.

First, from Fantastic Four, as the comic reveals exactly who has been behind their recent shenanigans, arrests, power loss, children taken into care, etc, we discover that he's not just been behind that… he's been behind everything.

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It's all this man's fault! To find out his motivation and get a clue to who he is, you'll have to pick up the comic book. Before it's cancelled.

But the bigger, more revelation may have many more implications, that is if you believe a certain Misty Knight…

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Every superhero team in the Marvel Universe worth noting has a member of Hydra in it. As Misty says, The Avengers, X-Men, Inhumans, all have a member who is a Hydra double agent. Just like in The Winter Soldier movie and the Agents Of SHIELD TV show.

Let the suspicions begin now!

Doop! The X-Men's Doop! It's all makes sense! How do you say "Hail Hydra" in Doop speak? Who else has been turned?

Probably no one in the Fantastic Four though, there's no point in infiltrating a team who are getting cancelled shortly…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently exhibiting the work of Sean Phllips.




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