Uncanny X-Men #14 Dives Into Politics In a Big Way – and New British Swear Words (Spoilers)

So, the Immortal Hulk is an interventionist God today. But he's just talking about his plans. The Uncanny X-Men are actually doing it. Intervening in the activities of a foreign power in return for favours from the US government. The handily-fictional country of Chernya.

Which is in no way meant to be Chechnya. Totally different consonant if not continent.With those techno-organicaised New Mutants from Rosenberg's previous series. New powers…

…and old powers. To become the pawns of superpowers…

Punching fascists, But not killing them. Maybe Wolverine could put rubber tips on his claws. And as Marvel has upped their 'bollocks' count and DC have moved on to 'wanker'… today Chamber gives us our first Marvel comics use of the word 'tosser'.

Basically a euphemism of 'wanker'. Yes, you are right, we do have lots of words for it…

But, as promised, we do get a new mutant promised land. You know, to follow Genosha, Utopia and Mutant Town. I'm sure things will all turn out fine and no one will have any objections.

Thank you Captain America (courtesy of Tom of Finland). M'lud, may I remind the court of exhibit A?

From before the US was at war, remember…

(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A/CA) Salvador Larroca
Cyclops and Wolverine have drawn together a new team of X-Men from the ashes of "X-Men Disassembled," and now they turn their eyes to setting their agenda. Cyclops has a list…a list of things the X-Men have to take care of…if it's the last thing they ever do.
Rated T+In Shops: Mar 20, 2019
SRP: $3.99

Thanks to Iñigo Perez for the number amend…


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