"Willie Lumpkin" Is Editing Dan Slott's Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia, as everyone knows, is an information resource that anyone can edit, though they are obliged to provide sources for the information added. A free service, it remains one of the most popular websites on the internet, and for many google searches, it is the first result. So if you were looking for information about, say, the comic book writer of Fantastic Four, Dan Slott, it's the first place you might go.

Take a Wikipedia editor who goes by the name "Willie Lumpkin" referencing the postmaster of the Fantastic Four. Since 2011, they have only edited Wikipedia entries relating to the writer Dan Slott.  In Fantastic Four issue #25 last year, its letter page the Fantastic Forum jokingly added as its head admin… Willie Lumpkin.

"Willie Lumpkin" Is Editing Dan Slott's Wikipedia Page
Willie Lumpkin on Fantastic Four #25 letters page, written by Dan Slott.

The Wikipedia amends include adding higher-rated reviews for Dan Slott's comic books than those that had been cited. Removing repeated allegations of plagiarism, saying "This has been dealt with. There was no plagiarism. Or is Wiki a place now where we can talk about "possible" rumors?". Increasing the number listed of times Dan Slott's comic books have sold out. Correcting his birthday. Removing correct information cited to Bleeding Cool, stating "Bleeding Cool is a gossip site and not a reliable news source". So, yes, it is possible that this one got my attention.

There hasn't been an edit from that account in a year. However, another one, ReverseThePolarity (Doctor Who reference) added more details about Dan Slott's careers, including awards, but was blocked for multiple identities being created.

Basically, someone really likes Dan Slott and wants his work to be presented in the most positive way possible, knows details of Dan Slott's career, life, sales numbers, likes Doctor Who but really doesn't like Bleeding Cool. Of course, that last aspect doesn't exactly narrow it down. But does anyone have a clue who this individual might be?

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