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22 Female Lead Series At Marvel Now – The Women Of Marvel Live Blog Straight From NYCC (Screenshots Update)


Our man Derek Trum is in the room at the ever popular Women in Marvel panel, and he is sending me all of his quick notes. Here are some brief takes from the room:

Helen Chan has designed Silks new costume. Costume was shown off.

Big reaction for She-Hulk, but emphasis being put on the title being called HULK. They are making a statement that The Hulk in the Marvel universe is a woman. So what will happen with Amadeus?

Big reaction for America Chavez…. No info will be given on that title today.

Moon Girl is officially the smartest character in the Marvel Universe.

Cover for a Japanese magazine shown off. Believe it was called FRAW. Need to check on that.

Squirrel Girl middle grade novel coming out in February. Origin story.

Red Vengeance coming in Fall of 2017 novel by Margaret Stohl. Sheds more like on Red Widow. Red widow back up story coming in Ms.Marvel 12. Will deal with her origin.

Issue 0 of Captain Marvel coming in December. Fill focus on her being the biggest hero in the MU. What happens when you finally make it as the biggest hero? Deals with being very famous and beloved but also hated.
Madaya Mom book featured. Talked about the origins of the book.
A lot of time is being spent talking about costume design of Luke Cage series.
And they've already moved on to questions. People are leaving. No breaking news. Maybe something will come from the Q and A.
The QandA is finishing up and nothing really came of it. It was more of a celebration of women in Marvel. Big emphasis on the idea that Marvel now has 22 female led series. A shift is taking place where we are seeing characters like She-Hulk and Kate Bishop take on the role of Hulk and Hawkeye.
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