Wonder Woman #42 Review: Diana VS Grail- Fight!

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Jason has returned with new powers and a new suit of armor. He doesn't remember how all of this happened, and the conversation is cut short by Grail making an appearance in Germany. Jason and Wonder Woman go to respond, and Jason explains his first meeting with Grail to Diana. There, Jason is waylaid by the Parademons, leaving Wonder Woman to face Grail, Daughter of Darkseid, alone.

Wonder Woman #42 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair
Wonder Woman #42 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

It's strange that Jason left so dramatically in #40 only to return two issues later. I can't say I'm especially disappointed or excited to see him return; Jason is mainly dull. That's his biggest problem.

That aside, Wonder Woman #42 is a fun enough issue. It doesn't do anything especially interesting, and it does have its problems which we'll go over. However, a good chunk of the book is Diana fighting Grail, which is awesome.

During the fight, Wonder Woman gets the Golden Perfect around Grail, and she does rattle off a lengthy plan which adds nothing to the book overall. Plus, if you're hoping for some finality to the conflict between Diana and Grail, you're going to be disappointed.

A slightly extended conflict between Jason and Deep Six is also shown in the flashback sequence. I've not seen Deep Six in a while, and it's a decently constructed fight.

Wonder Woman #42 art by Jesus Merino and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Wonder Woman #42 art by Jesus Merino and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

These fights being satisfying and engaging at all is, of course, almost entirely thanks to Jesus Merino and Romulo Fajardo Jr., whom put in some great work into this issue. Merino has a solid art style, and he makes the fight scenes impactful and kinetic. The sequencing for them is excellent too. The eyes look a little off at times, and the female characters can look wiry. Those are the only real flaws, and they don't distract too much from the comic's positives. Fajardo Jr.'s color work is bright and eye-catching with decent contrast, especially when darker characters like Grail and the Parademons show up.

Wonder Woman #42 is a decently fun read. It has its problems, and Diana is still not as interesting under James Robinson's authorship. However, this is still a fun superhero read. I can recommend it as a good action-oriented issue. Feel free to check it out.

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