X-Force #1 With Deadpool Card Sells For $100? Are You All Insane?

If there was a sign that the current comic book speculation market is getting very silly indeed and heading towards a new Dutch tulip boom, it is this. X-Force #1 by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza had a five-million-strong print run from comic book stores and was way, way, way over-ordered. To help with the collectibility aspect, the comic was sealed in a bag, so if you wanted to collect it and read it, you would have to buy two copies. Inside each bag was one of five trading cards. So if you wanted to collect them all, and read it, you had to buy six copies. Even so, many stores were rammed with copies of back-issues and sold for pennies.

X-Force #1 With Deadpool Card Sells For $75? Are You Insane?
X-Force #1 With Deadpool Card Sells For $100? Are You Insane?

Well, now a copy of X-Force #1 still in its bag with a Deadpool trading card just sold for $75 on eBay as a Buy It Now. Which is insane. As is this one that sold for $100 with a reversed Captain America head logo. Not as insane as this guy asking $500 for a copy. Or this guy with five copies including a double-Deadpool trading card wanting $1200.

You know… if a double Deadpool card was so valuable, might someone decide to construct one from separate parts? How hard can it be to cut and deal a comic book polybag anyway?

Marvel launched X-Force in August 1991, and its five million-strong print run made it the second-most ordered American comic book after Jim Lee's X-Men #1 and is only now being beaten by the likes of Dav Pilkey's Dog Man and Raina Telgemeier's line of graphic novels. Though they manage it without multiple variants.

Liefeld illustrated the series up to #9 and stopped plotting it after #11. Along with six other popular Marvel artists, Liefeld left Marvel Comics in 1992 to form Image Comics.

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