Speculator Fools, Wynd #1 Already Selling For $179?

Peach Momoko Wynd #1 Variant Selling For $179 Before FOC

Oh come on this is ridiculous. Look, Bleeding Cool is happy to report on the changing market for comics, including collectible comics and comics hyped up for speculative reasons. Often they are based on the actual quality of the comic, which we have generally seen as an actually welcome thing. Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Scout, […]

Black Lotus art mtg

Magic: The Gathering Ranked As Most Popular Game On eBay

At a selling rate of one item per minute, Magic: The Gathering has been ranked as the number one most popular game sold on eBay. For this reason, eBay has decided to partner with ABUGames, a popular site for grading and selling single cards, to auction off Magic cards from the earliest sets in the game's history. […]

youngblood 2 9.8

Youngblood #2 Hits $100 on eBay After Prophet/Marc Guggenheim News

The character Prophet, created by Rob Liefeld, was intended to appear in his X-Force series in 1991, but he decided to pull the character for his then-planned creator-owned comics at Malibu Comics. We probably got Sauron instead. The supersoldier from World War II played on ice (yes another one) with religious zealotry first appeared in […]

The Old Guard comes to Netflix July 10th. Credit Netflix

The Old Guard Comes To Netflix This July, New Images Debut

The Old Guard is coming to Netflix on July 10th. The film, based on the comic series by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez, stars Charlize Theron as Andy, who leads a team of undying soldiers who protect the mortal world. Rucka wrote the script for the adaptation himself. Joining the squad with Theron are Marwan […]

ball and chain (1)

Ball & Chain $52 on eBay Over Scott Lobdell/Dwayne Johnson/Emily Blunt

Yesterday, Deadline got the word that Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt have been shipping around a new movie based on Scott Lobdell, Ale Garza and Richard Bennett's creator-owned comic Ball & Chain, published by DC Comics/Wildstorm/Homage in 1999. The comic had previously been set up as a Syfy TV movie that was never filmed and […]

bone parish

Netflix Speculators Paying $120 for Bone Parish #1

Last week it was Something is Killing The Children #1 as one of the top comics with speculators and fans who were chasing all the big Boom! Studios debut issues after the announcement of their First Look deal with Netflix. But this week it's Cullen Bunn and Jonas Scharf's Bone Parish #1 that is the […]

s-l1600 (8)

Copy of Rarest Pulped League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen #1 Hits eBay

Time to rewrite the history books. League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen editor Scott Dunbier, now Special Projects Editor at IDW, is raising money for local San Diego comics people in need, associated with the current global situation. Which includes his decision to auction off the rarest League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen of all time and, until today, one […]

our fighting forces

Jim Lee Sees Our Fighting Forces Giant #1 Sells For $25 on eBay

DC Comics are still on shutdown at comic book stores until at least the end of the month, even with those brand new distributors, smashing open the Diamond Comics hegemony. But as Bleeding Cool's Senior Walmart Reporter Ian Melton reported yesterday, the Walmart distribution from DC and Marvel still keeps going from strength to strength. […]

s-l1600 (3)

The Marvel Comic With a DC Cover, on eBay for Over a Million Dollars

When you pick up a DC comic book, you expect to find a DC comic book inside. Sometimes, when there have been printing errors, you may find a different DC comic book inside than is on the cover. Finding a Marvel comic inside a much rarer phenomenon. So when it happens, you should put it […]

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Batman #89 Misprint Sells For $700

Batman #89 features the first cameo appearance of Punchline, the Joker's new girlfriend, which has seen copies of the comic selling for $25 and more, easily. But one reader noticed there was something up with his copy. He found pages that didn't have any defining black ink, and images that were far darker than expected. […]

Matt Kindt's Bang #1 Booms On eBay

Matt Kindt and Wilfredo Torres' Bang #1 Booms On eBay

You may have seen a lot about the new comic Bang from Matt Kindt and Wilfredo Torres, published by Dark Horse, on Bleeding Cool. And thanks to eBay, you may be seeing a lot more of it. Bang #1 has sold copies of its first issue for up to $13 despite being a $3.99 comic […]

Don't Pay $15 For Batman #94

Don't Pay $15 For Batman #94

As everyone realises that The Joker's new girlfriend Punchline is hardly in Batman #89, and speculator attention shifts to Hell Arisen #3 (currently having sold copies on eBay for $40 each), her first cover appearance will be on Batman #94, out in May. And some people have been happy to pay $15 plus shipping for […]

Warning: This Is All You Get of Punchline in Batman #89 (Spoilers)

Warning: This Is All You Get of Punchline in Batman #89 (Spoilers)

Tomorrow's Batman #89 has been hyped p as the first appearance of Punchline, the Joker's new girlfriend. Designed by Jorge Jimenez, she is to play a major role in the upcoming Joker War storyline written by James Tynion IV, the new Batman ongoing comic book writer. As a result of such hype, advance copies of […]

Stan Lee Tribute Comic Book From Last Night About to Sell For Over $300 on eBay

Stan Lee Tribute Comic Book From Last Night About to Sell For Over $300 on eBay

Marvel Comics hosted a big Stan Lee Memorial event last night at the New Amsterdam theatre in Manhattan. With plenty of comic book creators still in town for New York Comic Con, it became a big thing with the likes of Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Cox, Ming-Na Wen, Joe Quesada, Bob Layton, Todd McFarlane, […]

Giveaway: Ebay's Amazing "Star Wars" Bundle

Giveaway: A "Star Wars" Bundle Courtesy Of eBay

Would you like to win a Star Wars bundle, filled with tons of awesome gifts for the Star Wars fanatic in all of us? All you need is a Twitter account. We've partnered with eBay to give away a Star Wars Triple Force Friday. The company is basically the largest Star Wars store in the […]

Giveaway: Nintendo Switch Lite Courtesy Of eBay

Giveaway: A Nintendo Switch Lite Courtesy Of eBay

Would you like to win a Nintendo Switch Lite, completely free and ready to play your favorite Switch titles? All you need is a Twitter account. We've partnered with eBay to give away a single unit of what will be one of the biggest must-have gifts of the 2019 holiday season. Of course, eBay would […]

Dead End Kids #3 Delayed, Copies Selling for 750% of Cover Price

Dead End Kids #3 Delayed, Copies Selling on eBay for Up to $30 in Advance

The comic book series Dead End Kids from Frank Gogol, Nenad Cviticanin, Sean Rinehart, and Source Point Press has been a bit of a hit on the aftermarket – and a delay in its release has rather exposed what such demand can do to an otherwise sane comics collector. Dead End Kids #3, the final […]