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First Appearance Of Peggy As Captain Carter Explodes On eBay
In that comic, it was before her world was destroyed by an atomic bomb and she was captured by The Watcher. From Marvel And now for, you know, reasons beyond just appearing in the What If comic as Captain Carter, and getting a new comic book series with a third version of her backstory, this first appearance[...]
Ebay Authentication Guarantee Gets Update Through PSA Partnership
Most everyone who uses the Internet nowadays knows full well the impact of eBay The website geared towards online auctions has been a mainstay for decades now, but in this age of knockoffs and counterfeit goods, the auction giant has begun taking steps to mitigate the potential liability that this issue has pushed upon their[...]
MetaZoo & eBay Partner Up For An Exclusive Launch
MetaZoo has announced a new partnership with eBay kicking off today in which they're hosting a 60-day presale for a particular set The two companies have come together for a special presale for a mini Wilderness booster box, which will be taking place for 60 days as a way to hype up the new set[...]
Philip Bond's Eve Stranger Booms On eBay After BBC Studios Deal
The 2019 comic book Eve Stranger by David Barnett and Philip Bond, published by Shelly Bond at IDW as part of her Black Crown imprint, has been optioned by BBC Studios for television series development, with former IDW EIC Chris Ryall and current co-founder of Syzygy Publishing, will serve as its Executive Producer. Philip Bond's Eve[...]
George Perez' JLA/Avengers In Stores For Sale Next Week, Already $200
Copies have hit stores for sale on Wednesday and the expected has happened. The JLA/Avengers Hero Initiative edition just sold for $215 on eBay, with multiple sales around the $200 mark That is also the price that Midtown Comics are selling the volume for Many stores, limited to the copies they have received are selling them[...]
Speculator Corner: DC's Very Merry Multiverse #1
It suggests that DC Comics have other plans for Jesse. And may give added attention to the issue which currently sells on eBay for around $10, which is cover price, though a CGC 9.8 has recently sold for $35 Future State Justice League #1 goes from between $4 to $6 on eBay, so there is probably[...]
Batman: The Long Halloween Giveaway With The Batman Cinema Tickets
It now appears that if I put them on eBay, I will have paid for my IMAX ticket easily And there is nothing stopping you from doing the same. Batman: The Long Halloween Giveaway With The Batman Cinema Tickets   It appears that this version of the first issue of The Long Halloween, with ads for other Batman[...]
Trading Cards: More Detail's On Ebay's Authentication Guarantee
Days ago, we were made aware of the beginning of auction website eBay's "Authenticity Guarantee" system for ensuring that buyers buy authentic products from sellers instead of counterfeit goods As we reported, the guarantee has been extended to trading cards with a secondary market price of $750.00 and up, among other items Soon, this price[...]
Darth Vader #20 Already Selling For $50 Two Weeks Before On Sale
And that has driven the madness of comic book speculation that have seen one store sell sixteen copies sold on eBay in advance for… fifty dollars each. Darth Vader #20 Chris Sprouse Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary variant They were selling them for $24.99 each and sold five hundred copies at that price before they upped it a few[...]
Ryan Parrott & Evgeny Bornyakov's Dead Day Booms on eBay After TV Deal
The last time  someone bought a copy of the AfterShock comic book Dead Day created by Ryan Parrott and Evgeny Bornyakov on eBay was on the 27th of December last year A limited-to-300 edition with a cover by Alan Quah, for $31 Before that, it was the 19th of December and a copy of the[...]
Ebay Launches New Authentication Guarantee For Trading Cards
Starting today, worldwide auction website eBay will be providing its clients an "Authenticity Guarantee" service regarding its trading card listings At first, the guarantee covers trading cards valued at a minimum of $750.00, but plans to expand this to cards valued at $250.00 and above are in the works as well. Gaea's Cradle, a Magic: The[...]
Hulk #3 Booms On eBay, Selling For $16 A Copy
Last week's Hulk #3 by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley has boomed in recent days on eBay, with standard copies today selling for up to $16 slightly down from $20 the other day, but still well up on cover price While a 1:25 cover by Tradd Moore has sold for up to $55 Other cover variants[...]
Thor #21 Already Selling Copies For $23 on eBay A Week Before Release
While the standard regular cover has sold for $40, raw, though can be picked up for around $20. Thor #21 Already Selling Copies For $23 on eBay A Week Before Release Well, now that has extended further People have sold copies, in advance, of Thor #21 out next week for up to $30 on eBay What does[...]
Gaslamp Sees Strange Academy Explode On eBay
And his presence seems to have exploded sales on eBay. Strange Academy #13 A magician living in New Orleans who specialises in granting wishes, Gaslamp sells his wares like drugs, addicting his customers to the thrill of magical use which he sold like drugs., which saw Strange Academy student Zoe Laveau die from exposure to dark magic,[...]
Thor #20 Booms On eBay Over God Of Hammers
Just as soon as you've put your copy on eBay… Thor #21 will be published next week… THOR #20 MARVEL COMICS OCT210938 (W) Donny Cates (A/CA) Nic Klein "GOD OF HAMMERS" PART 2 of 5 Mjolnir is on a rampage across the realms and is leaving death and destruction in its path! Thor must act fast to save his kingdom for[...]