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Crossfire: Legion Receives Major Update In Early Access

Prime Matter dropped a brand new update into Crossfire: Legion this past week as players get a major change in Early Access. The update has provided several changes and options, including the removal of the in-game store, the second act of the main campaign being added, a new game mode, and a new map. Along with other player-requested fixes, improvements, change in the game's economy, hotkey mapping, and more. We have the rundown below and you can get more details in the developer blog here.

Crossfire: Legion Receives Major Update In Early Access
Credit: Prime Matter

Store Removed: The presence of the in-game Store led players to wonder if gameplay-affecting microtransactions or a pay-to-win approach to gameplay would be added to Crossfire: Legion. While units and gameplay-affecting items were never intended to be locked behind hard currency – only soft-currency tied to player progression – Smilegate acknowledges that the way this was presented was fairly confusing. They also heard player feedback about locking units and/or commanders behind player progression. As a result, Crossfire: Legion is scrapping both the store and the unit unlock system with the upcoming update – we don't want anything to stand between players and enjoying the classic RTS gameplay the game has to offer. In other words, this means:

  • All current and future units will always be available immediately to all players
  • No need to unlock gameplay-affecting items – ever
  • Operations will be removed as a result of the above, and replaced at a later date by a new progression system
  • DLCs are still planned for the future

Campaign Act II: The battle rages on with the next four missions of our immersive, character-driven campaign – featuring new locations and story beats. Continue to explore the expansive world and lore of the Crossfire universe.

New Game Mode: Battlelines: Battlelines allows for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 matches with a focus on army composition rather than micromanaging units. This is a macro-focused game mode where players place their units in formation within a designated area and watch them spawn in waves that will autonomously fight their way towards the other team's HQ.

New Payload Map: Badlands: In Badlands, players fight to secure each payload amongst thick foliage and tricky jungle terrain – making the most of numerous narrow lanes to set up ambushes and focused attacks.

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