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The System Shock Remake Will Release At The End Of May
Prime Matter and Nightdive Studios confirmed that their remake of the classic game System Shock will be coming to PC on multiple platforms this May They've been hard at work bringing this nearly three-decade-old title back in all of its glory, modernized for PC players while still retaining the original story and vibe of the[...]
Scars Above Shows Off The Making Of The Game In Latest Video
Prime Matter and Mad Head Games released the second half of a two-part "Making Of" trailer for Scars Above, talking about the game's main character Calling it a trailer is kind of a stretch, as you're getting over six minutes' worth of content where they talk about the creation of this person and everything she[...]
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Gives New Multiplayer Overview
Eventually, we got our hands on a full code for the game from publisher Prime Matter to do a proper review This is a combination of those two experiences as we head down the rocky path of cult behavior as we're trying our best to get spiritually centered. Credit: Brass Token The game is a single-player third-person[...]
Scars Above Shows Off The Making Of The Game In Latest Video
Prime Matter and Mad Head Games dropped a new video for Scars Above, as we essentially get a "Making Of" video before release This latest video features members of the development team, as they talk you through the journey and thought process that went into the mechanics and execution of the art, design, and environments[...]
Gungrave G.O.R.E. Receives All-New Bunji Update
Prime Matter and Studio IGGYMOB have released a new update for Gungrave G.O.R.E as they have given players the Bunji Update The game basically makes it so that Binji can access every level in the game, for those of you who want to use the character everywhere Not only is he available, but they also[...]
Payday 3 Releases New Teaser Trailer With Release Window
Starbreeze Studios and Prime Matter released a new trailer today for Payday 3, showing off a new logo as well as a release window The two companies haven't said much of anything this year about the development of the game, keeping a lot of it under wraps with the exception of a few leaks that[...]
Prime Matter Drops New Release Date On Gungrave G.O.R.E
Prime Matter and developer IGGYMOB released a brand new update this month for Gungrave G.O.R.E., giving players some new options to play with The game has only been out for a month as this serves as the first major update for the game that does a number of things First off, this comes with a[...]
Auto Draft
Prime Matter and developer GoldKnights have released a new update for The Last Oricru, utilizing notes from the community The team released the small paragraph of notes you see below talking about how this time around, the update was focused on all of the notes they got from the community of what needed to be[...]
Crossfire: Legion Will Be Launches Into Early Access Next Month
Prime Matter and Blackbird Interactive confirmed today that they will be releasing the full version of Crossfire: Legion for PC in December The game will officially leave Early Access on December 8th, 2022, and will come with an entire suite of gameplay modes As well as a ton of additional features, new units, commanders, and[...]
The Chant Releases New Haunting Gameplay Video
Prime Matter and Brass Token have released a new trailer for The Chant this week, as they show off more haunting gameplay from the title The nearly four-minute video shows off more aspects of the game not yet seen by players, as they delve a little deeper into the finer mechanics of the game and[...]
Prime Matter Drops New Release Date On Gungrave G.O.R.E
Prime Matter and Studio Iggymob revealed a new release date today for Gungrave G.O.R.E will be coming to PC and consoles in November If you haven't checked this one out yet, it might be up your alley if you love playing the role of the anti-hero as you'll roll through and take out enemies in[...]
Auto Draft
Prime Matter and developer GoldKnights revealed some news during Gamescom 2022 for The Last Oricru as the game now has a release date The team dropped both a brand new trailer and a new developer diary on players this week as the news came that the game will be released on PC, PS5, and Xbox[...]
Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord To Launch In Late October
Prime Matter and TaleWorlds Entertainment announced today that Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord will be launching in late October The game officially went up for pre-order today as they bring about a sequel to their 2010 title There will be a PC version released into Early Access prior to it coming out, which you can[...]
Iron Harvest Adds New World Campaign Map & Free Steam Weekend
Prime Matter and King Art Games have released a new update to Iron Harvest this week as you have a new world campaign map to fight on This is a completely free update that adds more from the previous update to the game in June, as you will be able to continue the fight in[...]
The Chant Releases New Video Showing Off The Game's Cast
Prime Matter has released a new video this week for their upcoming horror title The Chant, as they introduce you to the game's cast The story for the game has already caught the attention of a lot of players, especially for its themes and how they're playing off the past having an effect on the[...]
Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous Is Releasing A Physical Edition
Owlcat Games and Prime Matter announced this week that Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous will be getting a physical release The game has already been a minor hit with fans of the franchise, as well as RPG players who have enjoyed this slightly different take on the RPG genre that incorporates a lot of the[...]
Prime Matter Set To Publish Dystopian JRPG Mato Anomalies
Prime Matter revealed they have entered into a publishing agreement with developer Arrowiz to release their dystopian JRPG Mato Anomalies The game was initially revealed during the 2022 Japan Expo Paris this past week, showing off the classic storytelling style along with a unique modern look According to the team, they will be releasing the[...]
Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous Will Come To Consoles In September
Owlcat Games and Prime Matter finally have a release date for Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous on consoles as it will drop in September The RPG title will be released as both a physical and digital title, which you'll be able to get on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles (with backward compatibility on next-gen), as[...]
Check Out The New Full-Length Trailer For The Chant
Prime Matter and developer Brass Token dropped a new full-length trailer for their upcoming horror thriller game The Chant The latest trailer gives a much more cinematic look at the story going into the game as they give you a pretty good idea of what you'll encounter in the single-player third-person game set on a[...]
Crossfire: Legion Receives Major Update In Early Access
Prime Matter dropped a brand new update into Crossfire: Legion this past week as players get a major change in Early Access The update has provided several changes and options, including the removal of the in-game store, the second act of the main campaign being added, a new game mode, and a new map Along[...]
Surreal Horror Game The Chant Set To Be Released Later This Year
Prime Matter and developer Brass Token decided to reveal a brand new horror game on the way for later this year as we got a good look at The Chant The trailer feels like something out of a horror film as you play a character who has joined a weekend retreat to "find themselves" and[...]
Crossfire: Legion Will Be Launches Into Early Access Next Month
Prime Matter revealed more details about the kind of units you'll be able to play with in their upcoming release of Crossfire: Legion Along with the teams at Smilegate and Blackbird Interactive, the team has broken down everything that will be available to you when the game goes into Early Access on May 24th You'll[...]
Outward: Definitive Edition Coming To PC & Console This Month
Prime Matter and developer Nine Dots announced they will be releasing Outward: Definitive Edition on PC and consoles later this month For this particular release, the Definitive Edition allows seasoned players to rediscover the primary game along with both the "Three Brothers" and "The Soroboreans" DLC packs, mixed in with a number of updates to[...]
Crossfire: Legion Will Be Launches Into Early Access Next Month
Prime Matter and developers Smilegate and Blackbird Interactive will be releasing Crossfire: Legion into Early Access as you can tackle the game in May The build that they will be making available to players in May will contain the whole of the first Act for you to experience; as well as a chance to battle[...]
Outward: Definitive Edition Will Launch On Consoles This May
Prime Matter and developer Nine Dots have revealed that they'll release Outward: Definitive Edition on both Xbox and PlayStation this May This version will come with all of the DLC and updates that have been released for the PC version so far, all adapted for both current and previous-gen models on both platforms The only[...]
Dolmen Set For Console & PC Release In May 2022
Prime Matter and developer Massive Work Studio revealed this week that they will be releasing their upcoming game Dolmen this May The team has been teasing this sci-fi RPG for a while now as you will be off on a mission trying to solve a mystery that could have a vast impact on your own[...]
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Developer Goldknights and Publisher Prime Matter have released a new free demo for The Last Oricru as part of Steam Next Fest The third-person action RPG was announced last year and since then, they have slowly been building interest in the game However, we haven't seen a ton of content from it since it was[...]
Hunt: Showdown Launches Their Winter Solstice Event
Prime Matter and Crytek have released a new holiday event Hunt: Showdown as players will be able to experience the cols Winter Solstice The event kicked off this past Wednesday as Hunters will be spending their time in the dark, cold winters in the bayou Those who take part in the event will be able[...]
Tencent will be working on System Shock 3 going forward.
Prime Matter announced today that they will be partnering with developer Nightdive Studios to officially release the game The two companies have officially started moving forward with release plans, and as of right now, the goal is to have the game out sometime in 2022 Nightdive has been working closely with many of the members[...]
Auto Draft
Prime Matter revealed today that they will be releasing a free demo for The Last Oricru for Xbox Series X|S players The game has been in development for a while, and while we've seen some impressive screenshots and a bit of content here and there, we've been waiting to see when we'd get a better[...]