'Prey' Contains An Achievement That's A Wink At Kotaku Reporting

A small history lesson: Just before Arkane Studios made their announcement for Prey at E3 2016, Bethesda killed Prey 2 after Human Head Studios put in a ton of work and were on their way to making a pretty awesome title. But a good three years prior, Kotaku broke the news that Arkane had already been picked to do a reboot of the original. It's one of those "what could have been" stories that we already saw the spoiler of way in advance.


In response to this, Arkane's creative director Raphael Colantonio sent out an email to his staff (which Kotaku also snagged) with the infamous quote, "Now that the news is out, we'll be contacted left and right by press sneak fucks who will want to know more." Now, a good four years later, Arkane has thrown in an achievement as a nod to the whole debacle called "Press Sneak."


Of course, Kotaku took pride in the whole ordeal, and why not? If I scored an email about Halo 6 and leaked the news tomorrow, only for 343 Studios to name an achievement "Bleeding Red," we'd be gloating about it as well. It isn't the first nod to the incident either, as Colantonio wore a short at E3 that said "Sneak" on it during the presentation. Hopefully, after all this, the company will finally get it out of their system as they're set to have an awesome title out today. But who knows, maybe there's a Gamespot achievement in there somewhere for only giving the original a 7.5 while everyone else gave it 8 or above.

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