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Star Trek Adventures TTRPG Gets New Accessories & Dice

Modiphius Entertainment revealed a few new items coming to the Star Trek Adventures TTRPG to help bring more life to the game. Some of the new items that they've highlighted this week are the new Kirk's Tunic dice that were only available in the Tricorder pack beforehand, as well as the new Klingon Empire set and sourcebook, in case you decide to command a set of Klingons in a quest for honor and glory among the stars. You can read up on the latest additions below as they have hit the stores this week.

Star Trek Adventures TTRPG Gets New Accessories & Dice
Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

Star Trek Adventures Tricorder Boxed Set

Star Trek Adventures transports you into the role of a Starfleet officer, going boldly, and exploring the final frontier, where you can create brand new characters and crew your own Starfleet vessel or play as your favourite officers from the original series! The Tricorder Collector's Boxed Set opens like the tricorder from the original series, and includes everything you need to play Star Trek Adventures! Featuring updated original era layout and art throughout, this digest-sized boxed set is as charming as James T. Kirk and as practical as Spock!

Kirk's Tunic Dice

Engage in Star Trek Adventures roleplaying with the official Captain Kirk's tunic themed roleplaying dice set. This set comes with five twenty-sided dice with a custom green and gold captain's tunic design.

Star Trek Adventures TTRPG Gets New Accessories & Dice
Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

Star Trek Adventures Klingon Empire Gamemaster Toolkit

The Star Trek Adventures Klingon Empire Gamemaster Toolkit gives the gamemaster all the rules references they need to run a mission in the final frontier. It also gives players reference sheets for each of the roles in the Klingon Defense Force and on the bridge of a Klingon warship. This toolkit includes:
  • A 4-panel gamemaster screen, packed with rules for the 2d20 system and reference tables needed during play.
  • Stunning starship art wrapped around the outer sides of the screen.
  • Six double-sided reference sheets including the actions of each role aboard a warship, Momentum spend reference tables, and conflict rules references.
  • A complete 20-page standalone adventure for gamemasters to use as a one-shot mission or as part of a longer campaign.
  • An A2-sized map of Klingon space with Klingon labels, and on the reverse, a map of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, focused on the Klingon Empire.
Star Trek Adventures TTRPG Gets New Accessories & Dice
Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

Klingon Empire Core Rulebook

The Klingon Empire core rulebook for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game takes you to the Final Frontier of the Galaxy, where new worlds and new civilizations await bold Klingon warriors hungry for glory and honor. Your duties may take you to the edges of known space, to Klingon colonies in need, to the borders of neighboring galactic powers, or into the eye of interstellar phenomena. Your warship and crew represent the best-trained and most honorable of Klingon warriors, and your cunning and abilities are needed now more than ever.

A new threat looms from across the Gamma Quadrant, representing a worthy opponent for the worlds of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Tensions are high and it remains to be seen how the Klingon Empire will get involved. It is a volatile time for the Empire as her brave warriors and bold crews ready for battle against whatever foes present themselves. This collector's edition of the 400 page full color hardback Star Trek Adventures core rulebook is bound in a beautiful leatherette cover, stamped with the Klingon Empire insignia.

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