Survival Quiz City To Hold Open Playtest In Early May

Bandai Namco and Phoenixx revealed today that they have a special open playtest coming for Survival Quiz City coming next month. In this colorful dinosaur mayhem title, you are a contestant on a special game show where you will have to answer questions correctly or suffer the consequences in physical challenges that will eliminate people from the event. To prepare for the game's launch, the developers will be holding two different four-hour sessions: one on Friday, May 7th from 7-11pm. PDT, and another Saturday, May 8th from 2-6am PDT. You can read more about the game below and check out a trailer before the test starts next week.

Will you be able to survive this test of knowledge and skill? Courtesy of Bandai Namco.
Will you be able to survive this test of knowledge and skill? Courtesy of Bandai Namco.

In an alternate-future metropolis, the biggest game show is Survival Quiz City, where the inhabitants use their mind and body to compete for fame and fortune. Each round starts with a multiple-choice question. Be smart, but be quick: only so many people can answer correctly! Those who guess wrong or aren't fast enough get dropped to an obstacle course while the winners shoot and bomb the losers, who must sprint and climb to the goal.

Competitors running the obstacle course try to collect coins while avoiding the onslaught from the winners, who earn coins for each hit on the losers. Make it to the end of the obstacle course to keep any winnings, then spend that collected cash in an interactive intermission on items that can increase speed, boost climbing stamina, and increase the winners' firepower.

This between-round lobby also has extra coins to collect, with more valuable currency in harder-to-reach spots. Up to 30 contestants can participate in online multiplayer matches in the two game modes. In Survival Mode, choose the right answers and make it to the end of each round, trying to be the last contender standing. Bounty Hunter mode lets everyone compete with no eliminations, but earning coins becomes the focus, as the richest player at the end of four rounds is the winner!

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