World Of Warships Just Got A new Fleet Of U.S. Ships

World Of Warships just got a new update from Wargaming as there are now a bunch of new U.S. ships added to the fleet. The 0.9.9 Update has added a number of ships from both World War 1 & 2, including the VIII Kansas, the IX Minnesota, the X Vermont, and the VII Florida. It's also added new designs to the camo, which aren't really all that inconspicuous as you can see below with he golden bald eagle on the front. The update also allows you to play on all servers within one game client without having a different version for each region. The game server will be determined by the currently selected account in the Wargaming Game Center, but you may be able to move about in one server is lagging. You can read a little more about the shops below along with the trailer, while the full patch notes can be located here.

A look at some of the new super-American ships in World Of Warships, courtesy of Wargaming.
A look at some of the new super-American ships in World Of Warships, courtesy of Wargaming.

The new US Battleships feature powerful main armaments, good anti-torpedo protection, and great maneuverability. However, while their rudder is very responsive, the ships are rather slow for their type. Numerous main battery guns with a solid salvo weight and decent firing range, which comes at the expense of longer gun reload times. Rounding out the battleships are their decent AA defenses which can be reinforced with the Defensive AA Fire consumable.

Players can obtain the VIII Kansas by completing Directives, and the IX Minnesota by opening random bundles in the Armory in exchange for Doubloons. By completing Directives players can get American Tokens, a new temporary resource that can be exchanged for bundles and other rewards in the Armory, including Gold Eagle permanent camouflages for US Battleships. The new update also starts a new Clan Battles Season in 7 vs 7 format for Tier X ships.  Furthermore, Division Commanders will now have additional options to invite mercenaries – players outside their Clan to join their Divisions for Clan Battles.

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