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World Of Warships Legends Reveals November Content
Wargaming has revealed what they have coming to World Of Warships and WoW Legends for November, with a ton of content on the way Both games will be getting some additions that, depending on the kind of fighter you are, will either be a blessing or just your absolute worst nightmare at sea The main[...]
Submarines Officially Arrive In World Of Warships' Early Access
Wargaming has launched one of the most frequently-requested items into World Of Warships as submarines have come to Early Access Specifically, you'll be getting the German and American submarines to play with, because since the game focuses on war and they tend to focus mostly on World War II content, you're getting submarines from this[...]
World Of Warships Legends Reveals Halloween 2022 Update
Wargaming has revealed a new update coming to World Of Warships Legends as they prepare for Halloween 2022 As it will be with many games over the next few weeks, the devs will be jumping on the haunting season to deliver a special event that you can explore for some weird bonuses This particular three-week[...]
World Of Warships Reveals 7th Anniversary Update
Wargaming revealed details to their latest patch for World Of Warships, as they show off what's here for the game's 7th Anniversary Patch 0.11.8 will be adding several in-game features such as new rewards for battle performance, a themed collection, and the Warship Strike minigame for you to dive into We'll also see an upgrade[...]
Transformers Have Returned To World Of Warships: Legends
Wargaming has brought the popular Transformers event back over to World Of Warships: Legends with a number of other updates The event will see six different skins make their way into the game, each one representing a character from the franchise as you're getting four Autobots and two Decepticons The latest update will also bring[...]
World Of Warships: Legends Celebrates Its Third Anniversary
Wargaming is celebrating the third anniversary of World Of Warships: Legends with a few new additions to the game The team is adding in more Tier VIII warships into the game from several nations as you now have a plethora of options before you sail into battle They're also adding a new campaign to the[...]
Tier VIII Ships Are Coming To World Of Warships Legends
Wargaming has released a brand new update for World Of Warships Legends as the game will finally be getting Tier VIII Ships This will be a significant change in the way the game is played as a new set of powerful Tier VIII ships will be sailing into port for the game on July 25th,[...]
World Of Warships Adds The Statue Of Liberty As A Commander
Wargaming has added a new playable commander to World Of Warships for the holiday weekend as you can use The Statue Of Liberty yes, you read that correctly, the team is celebrating the Fourth Of July by making a statue a playable character to lead ships into battle If you decide to use her The[...]
World Of Warships Reveals More Updates On PC & Console
Wargaming has released a new update across the board for World Of Warships titles as both console and PC games have some new content The shorthand to this is that a new fleet of French Cruisers will be headed to Early Access, along with new Azur Lane content as they push ahead with their partnership[...]
World Of Warships
Wargaming revealed new details today for its Longest Night of Museums 2022 initiative, in which World Of Warships will play a hand in  Beginning on May 18, 2022, the game will publish one museum showcase article per week, which will help give players insight into each museum's naval history for them to enjoy at home[...]
World Of Warships Adds In A New Game Mode Involving Blimps
Wargaming has released a new update for World Of Warships which includes a new mode that will have you battling from the sky Dirigible Derby as it's being called will have you racing a blimp across the waters from one point to another, trying to be the first to make it across in one piece[...]
The Italian Fleet & Azur Lane Come To World Of Warships: Legends
Wargaming has launched the latest update to World of Warships: Legends as the Italian Fleet makes their way into battle along with Azur Lane To be specific, it will be the third collaboration between the two, but this is the first time this run will be in this version of the game meanwhile, several classic[...]
World Of Warships: Legends Launches The 2021 Holiday Update
Wargaming launched their own holiday update into World Of Warships: Legends today as they cap off 2021 with new additions and decorations The 3.10 update adds in more ships from The British, the ability to rent some ships that have Legendary Tier status, and a number of decorations to add to your fleet including lighting[...]
World Of Warships: Legends Reveals Pan-Asian Destroyers & More
Wargaming revealed new content added to World of Warships: Legends this week with the Pan-Asian Destroyers' arrival This is the first time this fleet of ships has been brought to this version of the game, giving players a chance to experiment with more ships from that region of the world Along with those ships comes[...]
World Of Warships: Legends Gets New British Aircraft Carriers
Wargaming has released a new update into World Of Warships: Legends today as players are getting new British aircraft carriers The November update to the game will bring about some other additions that will keep you busy for a bit, starting with the new Origin of Wisdom campaign that will bring about new tiers in[...]
Warhammer 40K Invades World Of Warships Starting Today
Wargaming and Games Workshop have come together for a new crossover event as Warhammer 40k invades World Of Warships This new event will be running from today, October 29th until November 19th in the primary game, and from November 8th until December 6th in World Of Warships: Legends As you can see from the image[...]
Giveaway: World Of Warships Transformers Crossover Codes
To help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Transformers: The Movie, Wargaming has released a ton of new content in the game inspired by the legendary franchise and the film Right now you can play with boats designed after four characters as you can choose to play as Hot Rod, Grimlock, Starscream, and Soundwave in the[...]
World Of Warships: Legends Receives New Halloween Update
Wargaming dropped a new update into World Of Warships: Legends today as players can experience the new Halloween content The content comes with special ships commanded by some special captains you might recognize from horror lore You'll also have the Element of Choice campaign where you can earn two ships as a reward They've included[...]
World Of Warships Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary
Wargaming announced details today for their upcoming sixth anniversary for World Of Warships and all the festivities on the way The anniversary will be coming in the next patch update, which is just simply being called 0.10.8, and will feature Dutch Crusiers, Soviet Aircraft Crusiers, Convoy updates, an expanded Armory, bug fixes and upgrades, and[...]
World Of Warships: Legends
You can read more about the update below and check out the latest trailer for it all, with completed patch notes available here. Credit: Wargaming Expanding the ranges of the Red Navy, three Soviet destroyers Soobrazitelny, Boevoi and Kiev, arrive in Early Access Obtainable from dedicated crates, these ships form a new alternate line of Russian destroyers[...]
World Of Warships Adds New Lethal Submarines In Latest Update
We got the details along with images and a rundown video for you here as the update is free to pick up today! Credit: Wargaming Submarines Arrive in World Of Warships Ranked Submarines completely changed the face of real-life naval warfare in the 20th century and are now set to do the same in World of Warships[...]
World Of Warships Update 0.10.6
Wargaming has added a new update this week to World Of Warships, as the Dutch now have a line of ships in the game This update is named Update 0.10.6, and the big focus of the addition is that of the Dutch Tier IV-IX cruisers These are mighty ships that are built sturdy and contain[...]
World Of Tanks Receives Massive Artillery Gameplay Update
Wargaming revealed the next update being added to World Of Tanks as players will be seeing a massive artillery gameplay update While it's not the biggest update the game has ever seen, Update 1.13 is essentially a major reworking of core mechanics that will change the way you play Some of those changes will be[...]
More American Ships Make Their Way Into World Of Warships: Legends
Wargaming has released details of a new update coming to World Of Warships: Legends as players will be getting The Liberty Zeitgeist This new campaign edition will add several new American ships to the mix along with a special bureau project Other additions include a whole alternate battleship tech tree branch (in Early Access), three[...]
World Of Warships Announces The Grand Battle With New Update
Wargaming has revealed a brand new World Of Warships update that brings in German Destroyers as well as The Grand Battle The 0.10.5 update has been announced to go live today, which you can read the finer details of the patch notes here The update brings with it new ships, a new massive battle, and[...]
World Of Tanks Blitz Receives A Massive Update To Be More Realistic
Wargaming has just released a brand new update into World Of Tanks Blitz as players will now get a little bit more of a realistic feel The 8.0 update is designed to give the game more life-like visuals and a new line of American heavy tanks As well as launching the game's 7th Anniversary celebrations[...]
Review: Wyrd Miniatures' Circus Entrance Terrain by Plastcraft
Hey there Wyrdos, hobbyists, role-players, and those interested in tabletop wargaming terrain! We recently got ahold of an interesting acquisition – a small boxed set of circus terrain by Wyrd Miniatures and Plastcraft – and here is what we think of it! The front cover of the Circus Entrance boxed set by Wyrd Miniatures and Plastcraft,[...]