Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Will Be Getting Co-Op Mode

NIS America revealed today that Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is getting a new update soon that will be adding in a co-op mode. The devs will be releasing a new major update for the game with Patch 1.1.2, which will add a number of additions like 16:10 aspect ratio support, setup sampling, bug fixes and improvements, and more. But the big addition will be co-op as you and another player will be able to team up in the main campaign. You can read the details of the co-op mode below, and you can rea dup more about the patch here, along with a trailer showing it off below. However, there's still no confirmed release date for the patch as of when this is being written.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Penciled In For February 2021 Release
Credit: NIS America

Unlike Ys VIII, where co-op was mostly limited to combat, the second player is largely equivalent to the primary player in terms of capabilities in Ys IX, including movement and combat abilities, using Monstrum Gifts, discovering and triggering landmarks, enemies and events, opening chests, picking up collectibles, and initiating dialogue. Only interacting with menus and the map is restricted to player one. Another significant improvement over the co-op feature in Ys VIII is that character switching is implemented individually for each player: that is, if there are 3 characters in the current party, players one and two can both independently switch to the currently-unused character without affecting each other. Of course, given the experimental nature of this feature, there are some constraints and restrictions to keep in mind:

  • You need two controllers to play in co-op (or one controller each for Steam remote play together), and it is not possible to re-bind the controls for the second player.
  • There is shared camera control, and while the co-op camera code does its best to keep both players on screen, this takes some getting used to and requires a different approach to camera control than the single-player mode.
  • The co-op mode is experimental, and in select situations sequences of specific actions could lead to a softlock (e.g. triggering some device which closes doors with the character controlled by player 2, and then logging that player out). Please keep this in mind.

We have completed 100% of the game in co-op at Nightmare difficulty during testing, and I personally think that it is an incredibly enjoyable way to experience Ys IX.

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