5 Movie Franchises to Watch With Your Drunk Family

It's time for another holiday here in the United States, which means it's time to talk spending time with family. There are a bunch of different ways to spend time with your family, but maybe you want to sit down and watch some movies after consuming roughly your entire weight in food. Maybe everyone is breaking into the wine, and it's time to think of a way to keep everyone entertained. So let's list some franchises that you can watch with your drunk family so that one relative stops asking you about your love life. We also have a bonus round if you'd like to turn your movie watching into a bit of a drinking game. Just remember to drink responsibly and be of age in your country.

5 Movie Franchises to Watch With Your Drunk Family1. Pirates the the Caribbean
While it might seem hard to believe now, back when the original Pirates of the Caribbean came out it was like a breath of fresh air. It was unlike anything anyone had seen, and there really wasn't any reason for anyone to expect it to work. However, it did, and all of the pieces fell into place. Despite the downfall of star Johnny Depp, this first movie is absolutely worth rewatching. The best part of this franchise, like several others on this list, is that it starts strong and by the time the really bad movies hit, everyone is either going to be in a food coma or too drunk to care.
BONUS ROUND: Take a drink every time every time someone talks about the curse.

5 Movie Franchises to Watch With Your Drunk Family2. Die Hard
It might be Thanksgiving but that means kicking off the holiday season with a bang and a Christmas movie. The original Die Hard is a masterclass in action filmmaking, and one of the best to ever grace our screens. It kicked off the action career of Bruce Willis. Willis was supposed to be an everyman who people could relate to even if he still looked like he was in the best shape of his life. This series goes on for two more decent entries and then goes completely off the rails by the end. However, no one is going to care by the time number four rolls around.
BONUS ROUND: Take a drink every time John McClane does something no normal human should be able to do despite being cast as an everyman.

5 Movie Franchises to Watch With Your Drunk Family3. Fast and Furious
Unlike the previous entries on this list, these movies take a long, long time to get good. In fact, you probably won't make it to the movies that are good if you start at the beginning. This is why you should pick up this series in the fifth movie and go from there. Even if you've never seen this series before, it doesn't really matter. These movies are just dumb fun that everyone can get into even if they aren't already invested. The latter entries in this franchise are pure spectacle with the high points being six and seven. You see things start to come apart a bit once number eight hits but no one is going to care too much. Just sit back and check in and out as the action scenes go by.
BONUS ROUND: Take a drink every time someone defies the laws of physics.

5 Movie Franchises to Watch With Your Drunk Family4. Indiana Jones
As far as consistency goes, you don't get much better than this series of movies. You have three excellent features that have such classic moments that everyone will know the series in some way. You can all sit around the living room and loudly sing along with the theme song because we all know it, and we get to see Harrison Ford at his best. The first three movies are all good in various different ways, and they also hold up perfectly. The fourth movie is a mess but no one is going to care by then. You can either skip it entirely or turn it on and have a laugh every time something completely stupid happens.
BONUS ROUND: Take a drink every time Indiana breaks or compromises a historical artifact.

5 Movie Franchises to Watch With Your Drunk Family5. Jurassic Park
Another set of classic movies during which the quality level of each movie goes up and down. Jurassic Park is an undeniable classic and it's a ton of fun to watch today to see just how well all of that animatronics hold up. It's kind of amazing how good that movie looks despite the fact that it's so old. While not nearly as good as the first one, the second movie is also pretty fun to watch, and the third is just as bad as you remember. However, things turn around with Jurassic World, and as for Fallen Kingdom? Well, responses are mixed so this one might be fun to put on and see what everyone thinks of it. Nothing like a good argument between family members who have eaten and drank way too much.
BONUS ROUND: Take a drink every time a dinosaur kills someone. Prepare for Jurassic World to kick your butt.

We here at Bleeding Cool would like to wish anyone celebrating a holiday a lovely evening and a reminder that no sale is worth your life tomorrow. Enjoy the food and always remember can call a cab or ride share to get home.

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