5 Things That Have Stood out (So Far) During Award Season

Yes, friends, we are knee-deep in the hype and hoopla of award season. There's seemingly film festivals weekly during this time of year, and studios are cranking up their publicity machines in hopes of winning the hearts and minds of award season voters. Even at this stage, there are seemingly some compelling storylines developing. Here are five things that have stood out so far during the awards season.

5. Neon's handling of 'Parasite'

The hype behind Bong Joon Ho's latest film is reminiscent of what happened last year with Roma, but it seems they have learned from Netflix's mistake last year. They are slowly rolling it out across the country and making sure it's rounding through the festival circuit as well. They aren't concerned so much about the reviews (which have been amazing); it's making sure that voters don't forget Parasite. Guild wins, and great reviews will translate into box-office revenue for Neon. Are you a member of the "Bonghive"?

4. Not so fast 'Joker' fans.

While some are ready to give Mr. Phoenix all the accolades (and he does deserve praise), Sony hasn't even begun to push Pain and Glory. It's far fetched (to say the least) that award season voters are just going to outright give it to a person like Phoenix who has received praise over the years when the narrative behind Antonio Banderas's push is so sweet. A lot of times looking at the narrative outweighs who had a better performance. In this case, we get both once Antonio begins his march to Oscar glory.

3. Could this be the year that a streaming service takes home Best Picture?

Netflix certainly believes so, and this year, they might have at least two serious contenders to keep an eye on, The Irishman and Marriage Story. They are certainly investing major capital in both of these titles.

We shouldn't be shocked if both of these titles end up nominated for Best Picture. The real question is whether The King and Dolemite is my name will join them.

2. Tom Hanks is nowhere close to a sure thing.

When word got out that Tom Hanks was playing the iconic Fred Rogers, talk of yet another Oscar win buzz started to build, but with the mixed reviews that Heller's A Beautiful Day In The Neighboorhood has received, that's now far from a sure thing. That's not to say that name value couldn't carry him far, just not far enough in this case.

1. This could be Adam Driver's year.

Adam Driver could be nominated for his work in both Marriage Story and The Report. It could easily be a breakout moment for this highly talented actor. It's not often we see an actor landing a leading in two wonderful releases like this. If I were to guess, he'll likely garner a nomination for Marriage Story.