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Five Movies That Are Not On Your Radar But Should Be In 2020

Five Movies That Are Not On Your Radar But Should Be In 2020

Okay, it's a brand new year, and with that comes a whole mess of releases coming our way, and I'm sure you've seen lists espousing which movies are must-sees in 2020. My guess is most of the lists that any number of you have read was littered with Marvel or Disney releases which are clearly […]

Where Was Rose In 'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker'?

[OP-ED] Star Wars Needs to Stop Sidelining Its Women of Color

Star Wars: The Last Jedi saw the introduction of the first WOC into the Star Wars trilogy. Kelly Marie Tran introduced us to Rose Tico and won over America as she played an integral part in the narrative and eventual resolution of the film. In fact, fans were anticipating where things were headed for her […]

"Cats" Review: A Bad Musical Adapted Into a Worse Movie

[OP-ED] The Disturbing Implications of the "Cats" Post-Release Patch

While Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is dominating the headlines as it posts an opening box-office number of $195 million, Cats is drawing everyone's attention and not for good reasons either. Universal is now faced with the reality of having the single greatest box-office flop of 2019 and perhaps of the last decade. Rather than back down […]

`Universal Drops Terrifying Trailer for New Horror Flick, "Cats"

Universal Pictures Should Probably Delay the Release of "Cats" [OPINION]

The release of Cats so far been handled so poorly by Universal that it almost seems intentional. Do they realize that going up against the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is just a futile venture? The whole film seems awfully rushed (which could be because they wanted to make it in time to qualify […]

Will you return when theaters reopen?

Repealing The Paramount Decrees Would Be A Game Changer

Amid all the hullaballoo that seems to come with our current political climate, people are seemingly not paying attention to events or actions which impact the big picture. The Department of Justice is looking to repeal an antitrust law known as the Paramount Decrees. What are those? Well, here's what you need to know. The […]

Will you return when theaters reopen?

Theater Owners and Voters Must Embrace Streaming Services

The times they are changing. Instead of having one or two options for entertainment it seems that we have hundreds of different options. Now, more than ever it seems that going to the theater to see the latest and greatest release is the exception rather than the rule. Streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney […]

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Don't Blame 'Terminator: Dark Fate's' Box-Office On This Cast

Terminator: Dark Fate will go down as one of the biggest flops of 2019 and will likely cost the studio over 100 million dollars in losses. Now it would be easy to point out and shout from the rooftops that this somehow tied to there being three female leads in the cast, but that would be […]

5 Things that have stood out so far during award season

5 Things That Have Stood out (So Far) During Award Season

Yes, friends, we are knee-deep in the hype and hoopla of award season. There's seemingly film festivals weekly during this time of year, and studios are cranking up their publicity machines in hopes of winning the hearts and minds of award season voters. Even at this stage, there are seemingly some compelling storylines developing. Here […]

5 Cinematic Moments Which Shaped Me Into Who I Am

5 Cinematic Moments Which Shaped Me Into Who I Am

While it seems cinematic debates can at times become divisive, one thing we can all agree upon is the medium's impact on us all. No matter how many masterful examples of cinematic splendor or dumpster fires are released in theaters, each one of us can easily recall a certain scene or moment which impacted you […]

Five Movies Which Will Introduce Your Children To Nerd Culture

5 Movies Which Will Introduce Your Children To Nerd Culture

In the interest of full disclosure, I have two sons (Charlie and Henry) and they mean the world to me. What began as just long days of me chilling out playing Playstation has now morphed into being preoccupied with how I can shape them into respectful young men with an appreciation for the culture which […]

[OP-ED] Can We Stop With These Money Driven Sequels Already?

[OP-ED] "It Chapter Two" and the Rise of the Money Driven Sequels

It Chapter Two as of right now is sitting at 66% on Rotten Tomatoes and steadily declining. This, of course, marks yet another example of where a sequel fell well short of expectations. While it's easy to see why Warner Brothers decided to greenlight a second film, what's hard to rationalize is why studios are risking […]

2019 Fall Preview: What Disney/Fox Movies Bleeding Cool Staff are Hyped For (Yes, Star Wars)

5 Movies to Watch out for in the Latter Half of 2019

Now that the summer season has shown mercy and ended, it's time to turn our attention to fall. With many award season campaigns beginning to kick into hyperdrive, it's going to be impossible to separate the hype from what truly should matter. With that being said, let's take a look at the five movies which […]

[Op-Ed] The Arrival Of Disney Plus Doesn't Mean Netflix Is Suddenly In Trouble

[OP-ED] Disney+ Doesn't Mean Netflix Is Suddenly in Trouble

For those who may have stayed away from social media this weekend, Disney's D23 convention was held over this weekend and their new service Disney+ took center stage. If you happen to miss out on any of the news from this event, go back and check out the extensive coverage at  While understandably the […]

[Op-Ed] Poorly Made Movies About Hot Button Issues Serve Little Purpose

[Op-Ed] Poorly Made Releases About Hot Button Issues Serve No Purpose

The wide release of Brian Banks managed to bring something which irritates me about film releases. Why are studios getting behind these projects dealing with hot button issues which are poorly made? I don't get it. Cinema is a medium which has the power to change people's perception of the world and directly impact segments of the […]

Universal's Pulling of 'The Hunt' Is Absolutely The Wrong Call

[OP-ED] Universal Picture's Decision to Pull "The Hunt" Is the Wrong Call

It seems as if Universal has decided to use recent events and our current political climate as reasons to cancel The 's September 27th release. While to some, this might seems like the right decision; in reality, it's setting a dangerous precedent for future projects to be canceled due to some objecting over the subject matter. […]

The Kitchen

Why "The Kitchen" is Hopefully the Cure for This Summer of Rehash

At times the box-office summer felt like it was in a time machine. For the last three months, we have inundated with 12 releases which were either a reboot, sequel, or part of some cinematic universe. It's easy to sit behind a computer and blame the studios for abandoning original content this summer, but the […]