Inside The Disney Live Panel At D23, Part 3: Lucasfilm Is A Letdown


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Next we moved on to Lucasfilm, which gave us very little in the way of new information. They released a behind-the-scenes reel for everyone to see, but if you weren't in the room, you didn't miss much.

star wars

The director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, fanboyed out on Mark Hamill, who pointed out that he really shouldn't talk anymore because it gets him in trouble. He poked fun at the media (hey, Mark, not cool), saying some outlets twist his words. He also thanked Johnson for not making him stand next to the impossibly tall Gwendoline Christie. John Boyega talked about he is going to face opposition, and then stared down Christie.

Laura Dern talked about making "pew-pew" noises when she fires guns, and there were tons of new pictures in the background — some official some taken by Johnson — that we can't show you, because they took our stupid phones.

Overall, Star Wars fans were likely let down by the presentation. They gave us no new information about the Han Solo movie, not much on Last Jedi, and most of the information was released to the public. It's a little odd how light Lucasfilm was on giving us information. They didn't give that much at Celebration Orlando aside from the trailer, they gave us next to nothing here at D23, and they won't have a presence at all at Comic-Con International. It's Star Wars, so they are going to move tickets regardless, but it's still a little weird that they aren't taking care of their most rabid fans. The people I camped out with were all Star Wars people, and if I were them and I was just there for Star Wars? I don't know if I would have considered it worth it.

There was quite a reaction when Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn talked about how they did something new with Rogue One and then killed them all. I suppose we're all still a little raw from that ending.

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