As Marvel Sales Slump, Disney Breaks All-Time Box Office Record With $7 Billion

rogueoneWhen we last checked in on Disney's hopes of breaking the all-time global box office record for a single year, previously held by Universal with $6.89 billion in 2015, the House of the Mouse was on track to easily hit their mark, with only about half a billion dollars left to go and Moana off to a good start. Well, since that time, a little movie called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has also been released, earning $290 million in its first weekend alone. The end result is that Disney has now officially broken the record, with more than $7 billion in revenue for 2016.

The milestone has some huge hits this year to thank, including Captain America: Civil War, the highest grossing film of the year with $1.1 billion dollars, animated films like Finding Dory and Zootopia (over $1 billion each), The Jungle Book (nearly $1 billion), and Doctor Strange with over $650 million so far. With two weeks left for Rogue One to run up the numbers, Disney isn't finished yet either.

With such a high total, it will be tough for Disney to top itself next year. They'll be doing their best though, with films like the live action Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Thor: Ragnarok, Cars 3, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and of course Star Wars Episode 8.

Sadly, despite the massive success of Disney's movies, including many based on comic book properties, subsidiary Marvel seems to be having trouble getting people to buy their comic books lately. Isn't that weird?

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