The Matrix 4: Warner Bros Adds Christina Ricci to Already Loaded Cast

You can add Christina Ricci to an already loaded cast to the much-anticipated untitled fourth Matrix. The franchise will see stars Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Jada Pinkett-Smith return to their iconic roles as Neo, Trinity, and Niobe, respectively. Also returning are Daniel Bernhardt (Agent Johnson) and Lambert Wilson (The Merovingian). Ricci joins others new to the cast, including Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra, and Jonathan Groff. Lana Wachowski will direct and co-write with David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon. Wachowski and Ricci previously worked together in 2008's Speed Racer, a live-action film adaptation based on the anime TV series of the same name.

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Since The Matrix's original release in 1999, the film's box office success spawned two additional sequels released in 2003, garnering a franchise and a trilogy that grossed a combined $1.6 billion globally. Directed and directed by Lana and her sister Lily Wachowski, the original trilogy followed Neo as he discovers there's more to his mundane double life as a programmer by day and hacker at night. After following the mysterious Trinity, Neo discovers not only that he might be the reincarnation of a digital prophet that can reshape the world he lives in called the Matrix, but he's also fighting for humanity's future against its subjugation against its mechanized masters.

Christina Ricci arrives for BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party 2017 on January 07, 2017 in Beverly Hills, CA. Editorial credit: DFree /
Christina Ricci arrives for BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party 2017 on January 07, 2017, in Beverly Hills, CA. Editorial credit: DFree /

The Matrix trilogy also starred Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, captain of the human resistance ship the Nebuchadnezzar, and Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith, a digital enforcer of the machines who becomes liberated following his defeat during the events of the 1999 film. Neither will return for the fourth installment. While the plot for the Warner Bros project is kept under wraps, the film will need to find a way to explain how Neo and Trinity materialize given the fate of their characters in The Matrix Revolutions (2003). The Matrix 4 is expected to release on December 22 in theaters and HBO Max.

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