The 2003 South Korean Film Memories of Murder Comes to US Theaters

In a moment worth celebrating for international films, Bong Joon-Ho's 2003 film Memories of Murder will receive a theatrical re-release ext month!

Starting in October, Neon (the company who distributed the award-winning film Parasite) will re-release the thriller for two nights, which is clearly aided by the fact that Parasite was the filmmakers most successful title to date, will now spotlight his previous work for those who are new to Korean cinema or just those looking to relive the intense murder mystery. 

The 2003 South Korean Film Memories of Murder Comes to US Theaters
Photo Credit: Neon – Memories of Murder (2003)

Even more exciting news for Memories of Murder fans, the film will later receive a Blu-ray criterion collection set, remastered, and a perfect addition for movie buffs. The theatrical screening will be Neon and Fathom Events, who often provide cult-classic screenings for audiences, and this screening will include a little added bonus for fans. On October 19 and October 20, the film's return to cinemas will include "exclusive content" with an exciting post-screening discussion by Joon-Ho and fellow filmmaker Edgar Wright

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Memories of Murder, the film focuses on the true story of the hunt for a grisly murderer and serial rapist targetting a small town in South Korea during the 1980s. The movie follows three detectives, each hoping to put an end to these violent crimes and solve the mysteries behind the terror — but fascinatingly enough, the actual crime the film is based on has since been solved within the last year. With an Oscar-winning director helming the project and a layered mystery coming to a close, this makes a perfect opportunity to revisit a title that has proven to be a beloved cult classic with potential for an even bigger following. 

Now, 17 years after the initial release, the director said in an official statement, "[This] case is an intertwined web of tragedy and black comedy — the eerie comedy that blooms within the air during the most absurd of times. The film is an uncanny, yet natural, mixture of horror and comedy because we were truly living in such times… I once threw my entire body and soul to create this film, and now my eyes are on how this film will plow through the long tunnel of time as it greets a new chapter in the fall of 2020 in the US."

Make sure to check out Memories of Murder next month, courtesy of Neon, and Fathom Events.

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