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Pumpkinhead Remake May Be On The Way From Paramount Players

Pumpkinhead may be returning. The original film starred Lance Hendrickson and was directed by Stan Winston in 1988. It was about a "grieving father who conjures up the titular monster in an effort to kill those who took his young son from him." It featured some of the best creature work and practical effects of the '80s. Today, our friends at Bloody Disgusting are reporting that a script for a remake is done, and production is ramping up for a new remake from the Paramount Players, most recently responsible for the latest Paranormal Activity film. This would be the fifth time Pumpkinhead has been in a movie, as three sequels were produced after that first one.

Pumpkinhead Remake May Be On The Way From Paramount Players

Pumpkinhead Could Stand To Be Remade

I tend to think that fans hold the Pumpkinhead design and effects in higher regard than the film itself, and that goes double for the sequels. When Stan Winston is involved, his creature work is always going to overshadow anything, and it will also make you forgive some things. I never hated that original film, but it is not some untouchable classic that couldn't use an update. If they are smart, they will lean into the story from the Dynamite Comics series a couple of years ago, which expanded the lore into the seven deadly sins realm, with a different monster for each sin.

I know that we are tired of horror remakes, but this one can actually make sense. Others shouldn't have been made (looking at you, Suspiria), but this is not a sacred cow that anyone is going to cry over someone putting a new stamp on. There is a bunch of room to make something really great here, and I, for one, am excited. A search is on for a director. More to come as we find it out.

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