Stranger Things Teases A Final Trailer For Tomorrow To Celebrate Friday The 13th

Stranger Things 2 is coming in two weeks. Not sure that we need to see anything else between now and then, but here we are. This morning on the Netflix hit show's Twitter, they released one of those teasers for a trailer things that everyone loves so much.

Well dammit, that is actually pretty cool. Done in the style of the old Friday The 13th trailer, we get glimpses of major characters in some different situations.

Hopper looks like he is not done with the company. Will getting examined by a doctor, but looking like he may bite him. A group of kids in creepy masks. Nancy looking like she is in a not-so-nice situation, in a house that looks like it could be in the Upside Down. Eleven running, and Eleven looking like she is getting electro-shock therapy. Joyce killing something with a shovel. New cast member Billy (Dacre Montgomery) yelling at someone — or something. Mike just can't even with whatever he is dealing with. A door lock sliding by itself.

Stranger Things Teases A Final Trailer For Tomorrow To Celebrate Friday The 13th

It ends just like that classic Friday one does: with the words "Trailer Tomorrow" shattering your screen. Again, not sure we need one more trailer before we get to see it, but I will not be able to resist.

For those who missed it: they have also released the first six final episode titles. What clues do they hold with what we have seen? You tell us! The last three are under wraps, probably because they are pretty big spoilers. The list from last year seems to have been hints as to what was to come.

  • "MadMax"
  • "Trick or Treat Freak"
  • "The Pollywog"
  • "Will the Wise"
  • "Dig Dug"
  • "The Spy"

Stranger Things 2 is fully streamable on Netflix on October 27th.

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