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5 At Home Nerdy Summer Items from!

Inspired by Woody's faithful companion Slinky Dog, you can have a ton of fun shooting water at your friends, family, or even your pets.Stranger Things Barb Milk Carton Beach Blanket $19.99[caption id="attachment_1204999" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Stranger Things Barb Milk Carton Beach Blanket from[/caption]Poor Barb She was taken from us way too soon in Stranger[...]

A scene from Dummy, courtesy of Quibi.

Quibi Catchup Finds The Stranger, Dummy & More Racing to The Bottom

Unfortunately, it's incredibly bland and predictable. Stranger Things and various high school coming-of-age dramas and comedies on Netflix already do the same themes much more interestingly, so there's no great reason to watch this show."Flipped"This coma-inducingly unfunny comedy features Will Forte and Kaitlyn Olsen as a vain, self-serving couple who dream of becoming celebrity fixer-uppers who end up[...]

Stranger Things 4 writers are back with their last Video Store Fridays, courtesy of Stranger Things and Netflix.

Stranger Things 4 Video Store Fridays Final Edition: The End of An Era

For over six months now, we've remained dedicated to the writing team over at Netflix's Stranger Things 4 and their weekly tradition of "Video Store Fridays" (VSF) Here's how it worked: every week, the writers would post five films that were on their minds that week (while we included the trailers in our articles to[...]

Stranger Things 4 cast gather for their table read, courtesy of Netflix.

Stranger Things 4 Video Store Friday Includes Sky High, LoTR and More

After taking a couple of weeks off (don't think we don't notice, you never call, your mother's worried), the writers of Stranger Things 4 are back with another edition of  "Video Store Fridays" (VSF) For those of you new to this, here's how it all works: they post five movies that were on the minds[...]

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5 Nerdy Things to Enjoy in Your Backyard

Featuring Slimer, the infamous eating ghost from Ghostbusters, you can slide down this slimy slide to become Slimer's next snack.Stranger Things Demogorgon Sprinkler $74.99Remember running through the sprinkler as a kid? Or maybe a busted fire hydrant was more your speed Well now that you're a grown-up, why not get this awesome, life-size, Demogorgon sprinkler[...]

'Ghostbusters: Afterlife': Watch the First Trailer For The New Film Now!

"Ghostbusters: Afterlife", "Morbius" and More Pushed to 2021 by Sony

It has a hot cast, with Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, Paul Rudd, and Carrie Coon all in, and the trailer was met with pretty wide acclaim All of the living original four Ghostbusters are also set to cameo in some capacity, although little is known yet about what role they play.Morbius is the latest[...]

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"Stranger Things 4" Video Store Fridays: "Zoolander", "Skyfall" & More

Welcome to this week's edition of Stranger Things 4 writers' "Video Store Fridays" (VSF) - and in this age of self-quarantining and social distancing, viewing recommendations are needed now more than ever If you've been here before, you know how this works: five movies that were on the minds of the Netflix series' writers that[...]

Dragon's Lair

"Dragon's Lair" Film Coming From Netflix, With Ryan Reynolds Starring

It has seen a popularity resurgence after making an appearance in the Netflix mega-hit show Stranger Things, where the kids pump quarters into it.No other cast or production date was announced at this time. Dragon's Lair, the popular 80's arcade game, is getting a feature film adaptation Ryan Reynolds is attached to star Don Bluth,[...]

David Harbour Thinks 'Hellboy' "Flavor" Was Off, Admits "Major Problems"

'Hellboy' Reboot Failed Because of Del Toro Fans Says David Harbour

Hellboy fans pretty soundly rejected last years attempt at a reboot starring Stranger Things fave David Harbour as Big Red Right from the start, when director Guillermo del Toro and original star Ron Pearlman were not attached, quite a few fans were, to put it kindly, pissed Even after trailers and and the film's release,[...]

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"Stranger Things" Video Store Fridays: Timeline, 13th Warrior & More

Just because Netflix and The Duffer Bros' (Matt and Ross Duffer) Stranger Things 4 is one of many shows whose productions are grounded over the growing coronavirus pandemic, doesn't mean you can't get your Upside-Down fix Head on over to Carpool Karaoke: The Series (after you're done reading about this week's "Video Store Fridays", that[...]

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"Stranger Things 4": Hopper's Back… Back Again… [TEASER]

We're not gonna lie: we were expecting a teaser or trailer for Netflix and The Duffer Bros' (Matt and Ross Duffer) Stranger Things 4 during the TCA winter press event.. during the Academy Awards.. in fact, we were "calling it" about five times - and nothing.So of course they would blindside us with a major,[...]