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After a small matter involving some fake episode titles that we've moved past and learned to become better people for it, the writing team behind Netflix and The Duffer Bros.' Stranger Things made and kept a huge promise on Wednesday Asking on Twitter if they were "ready" but not knowing for what, fans would find[...]
Stranger Things 4 (Image: Netflix)
So it looks like it's finally time, Stranger Things fans After a long stretch of production due to COVID-related delays, tomorrow appears to be the day that viewers have been waiting for We think Because the clip released on Wednesday (tipped off by the show's writing crew) shows us some ominous and bloody-looking things going[...]
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While there may not be a whole ton of specific details on the fourth season of The Duffer Bros.'s Stranger Things to report quite yet, the line-up of folks we have been getting updates from is pretty impressive We had Gaten Matarazzo discussing how COVID impacted the production, followed by David Harbour checking in from[...]
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross To Get Stranger Things Crossover
A bit of an oddity in mobile gaming as The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross will be doing a crossover event with Stranger Things Starting now and running through May 11th, players who log in to the game and play the event will get to choose from a variety of fan-favorite Stranger Things characters and receive several[...]
Stranger Things 4 (Image: Netflix)
So are the signs pointing at Netflix's Stranger Things returning in 2022 and not this year? Two things happened over the past several days that seem to point in that direction- but first, a little recent history Late last month, Gaten Matarazzo offered a heads up that production on the new season was still rolling[...]
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Maybe it's because we had gotten used to the "Video Store Fridays" that the Stranger Things 4 writers ran that got us conditioned to associating Fridays with the popular Netflix series, but whatever the reason? It tends to be a pretty good way to kick off the last day before the weekend Now the last[...]
Jimmy Fallon Meets Corpse Husband: Tonight Show Streams Among Us
Following the lead of others like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jimmy Fallon along with three members of his house band The Roots played the popular game Among Us with two cast members of Stranger Things and three incredibly popular streamers The entire one-hour stream was a fundraiser for Feeding America and raised $25,000, the last $8,000[...]
Stranger Things 4 (Image: Netflix)
So the last time we checked in on how production on the fourth season of Netflix and the Duffer Bros.' Stranger Things was going, it was just before the start of the new year, and the streaming service was assuring everyone that the season was still in production Considering how the year wrapped for the[...]
Stranger Things Season 4 Gets First Collectible With Bandai
Fans can not wait for the next season of the hit Netflix Original Series Stranger Things We have already seen some teaser trailers for the upcoming show, including one released last year titled "From Russian with love…" This teaser confirmed to fans that Jim Hopper is not dead, but he is now a prisoner the[...]
the talisman
Stranger Things creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer (the Duffer Brothers) are teaming up with Steven Spielberg for a Netflix adaptation of Stephen King's The Talisman Now take a second to go back and read that first sentence, because there's a ton of creative geek street cred there On Friday, THR reported that the Duffer[...]
Prank Encounters Brings Back Fear With Season 2 Trailer...Or Is It?
Back with the same host, Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo, the series uploaded an almost two-minute-long trailer hinting at what is to come in their newest set of scares The reality show differs on scary subjects by episode, with two real individuals amongst actors getting ready to scare the crap out of them Whether it's the belief their[...]
Super 8 Is Coming To 4K Blu-ray On May 25th
to create Stranger Things, is coming to 4K Blu-ray to celebrate its 10th anniversary The disc will be loaded with special features, though none of them seems to be new and were previously available This film should really pop on the format and is one of the films I have wished for since the format[...]
Everyone learns at their own pace." can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Cobra Kai School Fight Scene | SHOT BY SHOT | Netflix ( Koda and Curfman also work on another popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, which they contend is its own process given the nature of the series[...]
Dead By Daylight Adds New Outfits From Stranger Things
Behaviour Interactive revealed today that Dead By Daylight will be getting more outfits from the Netflix show Stranger Things When the characters first dropped into the game after Season 3, fans were ecstatic to see that they would hunt down survivors as the Demogorgon But since that time, they haven't done a lot with them[...]
Opening Credits Songs - SNL 0-58 screenshot
And after listening to "Hopper" perform the Stranger Things theme, you'll understand why (though points to Krasinski for taking a Billy Joel/"We Didn't Start the Fire" approach with The Office) And there's also a little something in what follows for The Queen's Gambit, The Mandalorian, Bridgerton, and other show fans: Saturday Night Live's 46th season includes[...]