The Look Of The Red Carpet Global Premier Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past In New York

The global premier of X-Men: Days of Future Past in New York City on Saturday night, May 10th, may have quite a different look than people were expecting since the premier sponsor on the film, TCL, went all-out to help create a kind of mini-convention or even "theme park" feel, to quote some of the commentators filming at the event. What we experienced was total design, all geared toward celebrating what many at the event were hailing one of the biggest superhero movies yet made, and certainly in terms of a massive cast and budget, that is true.

Fans who waited as long as two days outside the Javits Center in New York (the usual home of New York Comic Con) may have achieved their remarkable reward of being among the 500 allowed inside to a special holding area with screening of interviews going on upstairs, and finally into a special area to observe the red carpet itself. Here it is, the look of the premier, from gigantic themed entrances to multi-layered glowing X ornaments and an interior red carpet walk as well as a river-side viewing room for the screening:

Stay tuned for a full account of my experiences at the premier, "How To Survive a Red Carpet Global Premier of X-Men: Days of Future Past in Five Easy Steps" in the near future. Disappointed I didn't say anything about the film yet? Well, just one thing then: it was fantastic.

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