Tobin Bell Acknowledges That Jigsaw Almost Appeared in Spiral

In the 2021 horror film Spiral, we saw the continuation of trap-based terror resurrected for audiences, shedding the title Saw.

The film became an opportunity to revisit that universe, keep the story canon, and lead into new crime lore for the next generation (or at the very least, die-hard Saw fans.) With everything centered around the character of Jigsaw, he felt like the only real missing component of Spiral.

Spiral: From The Book Of SAW Debuts New Clip W/ Samuel L. Jackson
Spiral: From The Book Of SAW Poster. Credit Lionsgate

There was recently an admission that we nearly saw actor Tobin Bell reprise his role as Jigsaw, and in a new interview, he acknowledges it was in fact, true. Bell tells ComicBook, "I haven't gotten to see the film yet. And I was aware of that, but I think eventually they put their heads together and decided [not to do it]. Chris Rock is a very creative guy. So with Chris, maybe they felt like they just had enough. I don't know. I haven't seen the film, so I don't have an idea. But I can tell you that the creative minds behind Saw are not asleep. And, hopefully, we'll be able to move forward with something that's both refreshing and answers some questions that need answering. So I don't have anything I can say to you conclusively, but I can only tell you that I was aware of all of that. And I'm not surprised that it was going on."

While we can understand that Jigsaw has been deceased for several films and that they wanted to keep things fresh – Spiral was very much a Saw film, so it feels natural that we'd see that connection in future stories. After the news that there are plans for more Saw, Spiral, and even a possible series down the line, it's hard to imagine that we've seen the last of Bell's iconic portrayal of Jigsaw.

Would you like to see Bell get back to rigging traps in the world of Saw/Spiral?

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