SAW Billy the Puppet Living Dead Doll from Mezco Toyz

Billy the Puppet Wants to Play Some Games with Mezco Toyz

We are all waiting on the next entry of SAW franchise with Spiral With so many film delays, fans will now have to wait an entire year before we can get to see into the mind of the Jigsaw Killer once again As the SAW legacy continues to live another iconic figure makes himself know[...]

John Wick 4 has been pushed back to 2022. Credit Lionsgate

Lionsgate Shifts John Wick 4, Spiral, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard Dates

Spiral, a SAW spin-off film, was supposed to release on May 15th in two weeks, and will instead release on John Wick 4's old date of May 21st, 2021 That means it opens against another Keanu Reeves film, The Matrix 4 Ryan Reynolds- Samuel L Jackson sequel Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard moves from August 28th, 2020[...]

A Saw marathon is coming to SYFY this weekend.

SAW Marathon Coming Sunday To SYFY Without The First Film

SAW was a great film The first in the franchise, the movie was a great thriller first, and I do not care who you are, that twist at the end was an all-time jaw-dropper What it led to was a bunch of uneven sequels that stopped being good after Part 3 So it is weird[...]

horror busts

Trick or Treat Studios Horror Busts Include Saw, Monsters and More

Trick or Treat Studios has unveiled 12 busts in total, 6 of which are from some iconic slasher films which include Billy the Puppet from SAW, Michael Myers from Halloween II, Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Sam from Trick r Treat, and the lovers Chucky and Tiffany from Bride of Chucky all make their appearances Misfits mascot The Fiend is also[...]

'Antebellum' and SAW Spin-Off 'Spiral' Delayed by Lionsgate

'Antebellum', 'Run', and SAW Spin-Off 'Spiral' Delayed by Lionsgate

Lionsgate has joined many other studios in delaying new theatrical releases, pulling horror thrillers Antebellum and SAW spin-off Spiral off their release schedule Antebellum was due to come out on April 24th, while Spiral was to come out on May 15 Also pulled is the Mother's Day thriller Run, starring Sarah Paulson, which was due[...]

Leigh Whannell at the world premiere of his movie Insidious Chapter 3 at the TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood.

Blumhouse Inks 'Invisible Man' Director Leigh Whannell to Overall Deal

Leigh Whannell is familiar to horror fans as one of the father's of the Saw franchise with James Wan, who also partnered on the Insidious franchise with Blumhouse He has worked with the production house since, including directing Insidious: Chapter 3 and 2018's Upgrade With Invisible Man, Blumhouse head Jason Blum says that he just[...]

“They Live”, “Hellraiser”, “Children of the Corn:  Horror Films That Can Benefit from Remake

"They Live", "Hellraiser", "Children of the Corn: Horror Films That Can Benefit from Remake

Chris Rock took the reins of the Saw franchise to Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2020).What are some of the other horror films that could use a revisit? They Live The 1988 Carpenter film starring Roddy Piper and Keith David remains a cult classic Aside from Piper and David’s memorable street fight, the conspiratorial messages resonate[...]

'Saw' Spinoff 'Spiral' Debuts First trailer, Watch it Now!

'Saw' Spinoff 'Spiral' Debuts First trailer, Watch it Now!

Saw is a franchise in desperate need of a fresh take, and it looks like we may have gotten it Spiral, From the Book of Saw debuted its trailer this afternoon, and you know what? It looks pretty good! Starring Chris Rock, the killer in this go-around is targeting cops, and one needs to look[...]

A Saw marathon is coming to SYFY this weekend.

What We Can Expect From the Upcoming "Saw" Movie

The Saw franchise has made a reputation for itself as a gory, torturous series of films Each chapter of Saw introduced an assortment of devices and or obstacles that unwilling participants would have to overcome in order to leave with a new chance at life Some of the films were examples of memorable horror, while[...]

'Pumpkinhead' is Being Remade, News to Follow Soon

'Pumpkinhead' is Being Remade, News to Follow Soon

Now, Saw producer Peter Block is teasing a remake, with news coming soon He recently spoke to Rue Morgue about the gestating film:“We have some exciting news that I’m not allowed to share yet, but that should be making its way out soon...Pumpkinhead is a movie I just love… and while the original Pumpkinhead is[...]

'Saw' Franchise Returning Again...With Chris Rock?

'Saw' Franchise Returning Again…With Chris Rock?

Saw is returning to theaters yet again, only this time it may actually be a bit different Comedian and actor Chris Rock is involved creatively, after having pitched the idea they are going with at Lionsgate Series director Darren Lynn Bousman will return to helm the flick, with Jigsaw writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg[...]

Escape Room Poster

'Escape Room' Sequel is Coming in April 2020

No word on who from the cast from the original film might be back, or if this will continue to be Saw-esque and bring in a new group of people to try and escape with their lives.The first film was made for $9 million and has grossed an exceptional $118 million worldwide Even better was[...]

Eli Roth History of Horror Poster

Here are Five New Clips From Eli Roth's History of Horror From AMC!

First Edgar Wright and Greg Nicotero discuss the comeback of the zombie film:, Robert Englund (Freddy), Tony Todd (Candyman), and Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) talk about bringing some of our favorite maniacs to life on screen: the third clip, various people talk about the horror films that traumatized them when they were younger: clip features a discussion[...]

Dead By Daylight Shows Off The New Saw Chapter Highlights In New Video

Starbreeze Games has released a new video and screenshots, as well as a few descriptions (which we've provided below) of the new Saw Chapter You get a good look at the new killer in The Pig, the new survivor in David Trapp, and they explore the new level with the Gideon Meat Plant Enjoy![caption id="attachment_780793"[...]

We Finally Get A Look At The Saw Killer In Dead By Daylight

Well, this is both kind of interesting and a little disappointing as we finally get a look at the Jigsaw-themed killer for Dead By Daylight's next DLC. Behaviour Interactive and Starbreeze Studios announced today that The Pig will be the featured killer in The Saw Chapter DLC, which will be released tomorrow on January 23rd[...]

Jigsaw Teased As The Next Dead By Daylight Killer

Would you like to play a game? That seems to be what the crew behind Dead By Daylight are asking fans as the latest teaser video for the game is pointing squarely at the killer Jigsaw from the Saw series as their next killer. Starbreeze Studios uploaded the video today showing off this image below as[...]

New Jigsaw Image, Plus Promise For "More Fun Gore"

We got Jigsaw news coming at us with an Entertainment Weekly interview with directors Michael and Peter Spierig.The horror sequel, which is coming out October 27th and will be the eighth film in the high-grossing franchise is promised to be “such a perfect Halloween scarefest It’s perhaps not quite as vicious and more fun, which[...]

'Jigsaw': Eighth 'Saw' Film Releases Poster, Comic-Con Plans

So who exactly is Jigsaw? Come October, he might!With a little over three months before it's October 27 premiere, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures shared the first poster from Jigsaw, the eighth film in the Saw horror film franchise Along with the poster release also came word that the film would be represented at this year's[...]