Universal's 2 Guns Gets A Reshuffle: Wahlberg in, Russell and Vaughn Out

Universal's 2 Guns Gets A Reshuffle: Wahlberg in, Russell and Vaughn OutIt looks like Universal Pictures are taking one step forward and two steps back with their movie adaptation of the Steven Grant and Mataes Santolouco comic series 2 Guns. The project originally had director David O. Russell onboard with Vince Vaughn playing one of the two leads. The original comic was a double-crossing con thriller about an undercover DEA agent and an undercover Naval Intelligence who plan a bank robbery with the belief that they are knocking over a front for mob money, when really they'll be stealing from the CIA.

But according to The Hollywood Reporter both Russell and Vaughn have backed out of the project, just as Mark Wahlberg signs on. It seems that this might be due to scheduling issues, since Universal are resolute that production will begin this winter when Russell will still be filming The Silver Linings Playbook, his new drama with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

I'm just throwing this out there, but it's interesting that Mark Wahlberg was originally signed on as the lead for The Silver Linings Playbook but was replaced with Cooper. Again, this was allegedly due to scheduling conflicts since Wahlberg's commitment to Allen Hughes' Broken City clashes with the shooting dates for Silver Linings, but it's much more interesting to think that after a long working relationship between Russell and Wahlberg there's some kind of punch-up going on behind the scenes.

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