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Viz Media Releases January Manga Solicitations
14 By Abi Umeda Lykos and Ouni have been captured by Orca, but instead of organizing a rescue, Suou has ordered the Mud Whale to set sail for their new homeland Chakuro won't just abandon his friends though, and he's determined to find a way to save them But Orca has just declared independence from the empire,[...]
Viz Media Releases November 2019 Manga and Art Book Titles
13 By Abi Umeda Orca has captured Ouni and Lykos, and seems to have so further interest in Amonlogia or the Mud Whale But the chaos he left behind continues to reverberate as Rochalízo is forced to make a critical choice and Suou must face the true burden of leadership Meanwhile, the eyes of the mysterious Emperor[...]
Children of the Whales manga
One of the books that caught our eye was the first volume of stories from the Children of the Whales series, created by Abi Umeda If that name sounds familiar, it's because she was the creator of the Kujira no Kora wa Sajō ni Utau TV series This manga marks her official English series debut, which we[...]