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Northern Exposure Cast Could Make Time In Busy Schedules For Revival
Cast members Rob Morrow, Adam Arkin, Janine Turner, and Cynthia Geary got together with series creator Josh Brand and producers Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess, and Cheryl Bloch for a Northern Exposure panel at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas this week. "We would love it," said Brand about the prospect of a revival, something that it seems[...]
Erik's Weekly Watch – The Fall Of Jax Teller? Sons Of Anarchy Returns
The Season 2 villain was Adam Arkin's Ethan Zobelle, season 3 focused on the Irish, season 4 featured Ray McKinnon's Lincoln Potter, season 5 gave us Harold Perrineau's Damon Pope and last season we got a relay race between Donal Logue as Lee Toric and CCH Pounder as Tyne Patterson Going into this final season[...]