animal kingdom

"Animal Kingdom" Season 4 Finale "Smurf" Marred By Final Scenes [SPOILER REVIEW]

Right, because Pope can run things.Meanwhile, Craig's guy came through with papers for Deran and Adrian and everything is arranged for them to live "happily ever after" in Indonesia Great surf, no extradition, everything's all planned out - what could go wrong!At J's insistence, the boys throw a memorial party in honor of Smurf[...]

animal kingdom

'Animal Kingdom' Season 4, Episode 2 "Angela": Is Smurf Facing An Enemy Within? [SPOILER REVIEW]

Go on, and then feel free to come back and jump right in.You're good? Excellent! Then let's go! Major spoilers ahead! recap: last week we saw Pope (Shawn Hatosy) get super death-wish MMA unhinged, Mia (Sohvi Rodriguez) conspire with Tupi (Eddie Ramos) against J (while still helping J? It's unclear where her true allegiances lie),[...]