"Animal Kingdom" Season 4, Episode 11 "Julia": Raw Outing Reveals Origin of Post-Heist Pie [SPOILER REVIEW]

We're two episodes away from the end of the fourth season of TNT's Animal Kingdom… and we still don't get a heist in this week's episode "Julia." Bet they're probably going to stretch it out until the finale, but I really hope we get some action involving the boys soon.

Oh, you noticed that caveat I put in there? Good. If you're wondering why I mentioned that, you should be super aware that there's hella spoilers in this article. Ready? Fantastic. Let's get to it!

So, we start off seeing a very, very pregnant Smurf sit down for pancakes when – uh oh! A masked robber comes in and threatens her life! How awful! What will she do? Giggle like a child once they get back to the car, because that was Colin and that was their signature con. Remember when she taught J how to do that and they pulled basically the same job? Well, now it's come full circle!

We jump back to the present with Deran even more torn up than ever about Adrian's situation. It's probably because he finally realized there's nothing to do about it – nothing in Deran's bag of tricks is that tricky. Well…we did find out at the end of last episode that Smurf knows and she's firmly told Deran to take care of it – or she will send Pope to. Ominous, and it clearly has Deran out of sorts.

Speaking of Pope, he and his serial killer instincts are paranoid, creepy, and alarming as ever…all at the same time! He makes it his personal mission to save Angela from drugs, because he sees her as a stand-in for his twin sister Julia. That's a Game of Thrones-type can of worms that I'm not even going to think about opening.

But the joke is once again on Pope, because Angela has been playing him! She was really just after money the whole time – Smurf used to give Julia money to stay away, and she was hoping for the same "generosity". Unluckily for her, she also ran into Pope. However, upon learning all of that, he respects her more – for finally being honest with him, something which basically nobody in his life does.

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Well, Pope? Maybe if you weren't so threatening and creepy and liable to pillow smother anybody who finally tells you what they think of you, you'd get a little more "tough love" and sharing time from your friends and family. However, that is so not the case and J super duper does not trust him. The feeling is mutual, J. Watch your everything, friend.

Craig and Renn are finally back at home enjoying life with the world's cutest little baby burrito, and I am so here for it. Though they're both exhausted and Craig still wants her to give up her job as a dealer, but that's not how that's going down, at least if Renn has anything to say about it.

Speaking of Craig, Deran approaches him and finally comes clean about everything that's going on. He also asks for passports and papers to get Adrian out of the country and help him settle in. They'll be ready in like a day – is he planning on ghosting after the job to live in what one can only assume is a cute little island with some killer waves with his boyfriend? One can hope.

Oh, and he finally spells it all out for Adrian: they've not gotten caught because Smurf takes care of all potential threats preemptively. That means killing. And that means Adrian. So is Deran really considering taking him out to a pasture and pulling an "old yeller"? God, I hope not.

As for Smurf, we see a lot more of her past in this episode than we normally do. After the initial diner robbery, we see them looking at homes – the same house Smurf is still in. Sentimental much? But Smurf pushes Colin into pulling jobs with the old crew again, either as a way of getting money or a way of living vicariously through him.

Best part? We get to see the origin of the post-heist pie!

After a very successful job, they all celebrate by making a convenience store run… where they run into a couple of cops. Everything seems to be going fine… until he makes Janine for those diner robberies. I mean, being pregnant does kind of tend to be a distinguishing feature. Colin gets protective and shoots the cop. Of course, this spawns a shoot out – but our crew drives off, leaving a dead cop in their wake.

Crisis averted! Well… until the car starts slowing down. Why are you slowing down, Colin? Oh.

Probably because of that gushing bullet wound in your leg. So now Colin's dead – and Smurf is losing it. It's not a pretty sight. But she forces Jake and Manny out of the car and full on Weekend at Bernie's it out to… his brother's farm! He'll know what to do!

What he ends up doing is burying the car in a giant hole in the desert, Colin still inside.

And with that, the boys prepare to dig up the desert in pursuit of California gold and Smurf's last ride.

Poetic? I think so. Bound to end in disaster? Most definitely. Tragic? That's for damn sure.

With the ending so close, I can't help but speculate as to how they'll top the raw emotion and backstory of this. Will we get more drama? For sure. Will J take over the family business, or will Pope? I mean, he is taking jobs from Frankie behind everyone's back. Oh yeah – Frankie's back, and after getting snubbed by Craig and Smurf, presents her job to J – who eats it up, hook, line, and sinker.

Oh, J, I thought you were smart. Well, season of Animal Kingdom can only end in disaster, and I can't wait to watch it happen.

Animal Kingdom season 4, episode 12 "Ghosts": The Cody family sets off on Smurf's (Ellen Barkin) mysterious heist, unaware of the surprises that await them when they arrive, which will change the family forever. Written and directed by John Wells.

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