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Agent 47: Birth of a Hitman #6 cover by Jonathan Lau and Omi Remalante
Little does she know, this puts her in the path of a nameless man who will one day be known as Agent 47. Agent 47: Birth of a Hitman #6 cover by Jonathan Lau and Omi Remalante I've had some experience with the Hitman games and mythos (which is why this isn't a first impressions review) I'm[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews of Bettie Page #8 and KISS/Army of Darkness #1
Dynamite has sent us exclusive extended previews for Bettie Page #8 and KISS / Army of Darkness #1, both are hitting comic shelves this week along with Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman #4 and the KISS / Vampirella trade which we have previews for as well. Agent 47: Birth Of The Hitman #4 writer: Christopher Sebela[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews for Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman #3 and Bettie Page #7
Dynamite has four titles coming out this week and we have previews for each, including exclusive extended previews for Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman #3 and Bettie Page #7. Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman #3 writer: Chris Sebela artist: Ariel Medel covers: Jonathan Lau (A), Gameplay Variant (B) It's graduation day Diana Burnwood struggles to balance her two[...]
Exclusive First Look at Dynamite's Media Tie-In Titles Shipping in April 2018
These include Agent 47, Battlestar Galactica, and Pumpkinhead. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA VS BATTLESTAR GALACTICA #4 Cover A: Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz Cover B: Johnny Desjardins Cover C: Michael Adams "Boomer" Action Figure Cover Cover D: Roberto Castro "Boomer" Split Cover Writer: Peter David Art: Johnny Desjardins Count Baltar has returned, and who know what plans he has for Gaius as he springs him from prison[...]
Pop Culture
These include Pumpkinhead #2, Agent 47: Birth of a Hitman #5, and James Bond: The Body #3. AGENT 47: BIRTH OF THE HITMAN #5 Cover A: Jonathan Lau | Cover B: Gameplay | Cover Writer: Chris Sebela | Art: Ariel Medel As the only remaining survivor of the Institute, 47's role as Dr Ort-Meyer's weapon is put to[...]
Barbarella #1
We have an exclusive extended preview of the series by Mike Carey and Kenan Yarar along with looks at Agent 47: Rise of the Hitman, Red Sonja and collections of Animal Jam and The Shadow: Death of Margo Lane. Animal Jam HC writers: Fernando Ruiz, Eric Esquivel | artist: Fernando Ruiz | cover: Fernando Ruiz National Geographic's Animal[...]
Hitman: John Wick Creator Derek Kolstad Reactivates Agent 47 For Hulu
Proving once again that you just can't keep a good assassin down, Hulu is bringing Hitman's Agent 47 back as a television series Produced in conjunction with Fox 21 and based on the best-selling video game from IO Interactive, Deadline: Hollywood reports exclusively that a pilot script is set to be written by Derek Kolstad,[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Red Sonja, Bettie Page And Agent 47
We have exclusive extended previews of Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman #1, Bettie Page #4 and Red Sonja #10 We also have previews of the sold out and reprinted Skin & Earth #1 & #2 and the Doc Savage: Ring of Fire trade and the Vampirella: The Dynamite Years Omnibus. Agent 47: Birth Of The[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Media Tie-In Titles For December 2017
This includes two video game tie-ins, Killer Instinct and Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman, a television tie-in with the Librarians and two literary tie-ins with George R R Martin's A Clash of Kings and Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic heroes in The Greatest Adventure. LIBRARIANS #4 Cover A: Karl Moline Cover B: Ezekiel Jones Photo Cover Writer:[...]
Sebela And Lau Team For 'Agent 47: Birth Of The Hitman'
The new series, entitled in Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman, is set to launch October 11, 2017, and will delve into the origin of one of gaming's most infamous characters. 47 and his handler, Diana Burnwood, are a team responsible for some of the most ruthless, efficient and untraceable assassinations across the globe But before they were[...]
Hitman: Agent 47 – Who Is John Smith
The latest featurette for Hitman: Agent 47 focuses on Zachary Quinto's character of John Smith The featurette gets a bit spoilery. laying out the characters background and allegiance So if you want to go into the movie not knowing anything… don't watch this clip. Hitman: Agent 47 is in theaters August 21st. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Hitman: Agent 47 Gets A Comic From BOOM!
The film Hitman: Agent 47 based on the video game Hitman is now getting a prequel comic from BOOM! Studios The comic will be written by F J DeSanto, art by Jesus Hervas and a cover by Toni Infante. Hitman: Agent 47 stars Rupert Friend in the lead as a genetically engineered assassin It also stars Zachary[...]
Zachary Quinto Must Save The Girl In The Agent 47 Trailer
We kick it off with Agent 47 from the Hitman franchise Short premise for the film is that there is a group of genetically engineered assassins and the only way to stop them is to find the man who made them… and since he is in hiding, the key to finding him is his daughter[...]