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AKA Jessica Jones Steps In Line And Thor Gets A What If?

We know that the comic Alias is being adapted for Netflix (with a few grumblings from the set reaching Bleeding Cool...) to follow Daredevil.It got a namechange though, due to another TV show of the same name, to AKA Jessica Jones, and the collections of the book also followed suit.But now it has had another[...]

New Synopsis Revealed For A.K.A. Jessica Jones

The next Netflix series in their deal with Marvel, AKA Jessica Jones, went into production back in February and other than a few set photos it's been pretty quiet The folks over at MCU Exchange found a new synopsis for the series on Amazon for a behind the scenes book that will come up when[...]

Luke Cage Will Have Power When He Appears In AKA Jessica Jones

We’re in the middle of shooting AKA Jessica Jones and Luke Cage is a very interesting character who just happens to have super strength and unbreakable skin He’s a neighbourhood hero, very much linked to New York and Jessica Jones It’s all part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Luke Cage is a darker, grittier,[...]

Netflix Plans To Use $1 Billion In Long-Term Debt To Fund Projects

The company already has $900 Million in long term debt raised over the last two years.How well this plan works may hinge greatly on the reception of the Marvel series Daredevil, AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders As some of the highest profile content currently in the works, the company can't[...]

Carrie-Anne Moss Joins Marvel's A.K.A. Jessica Jones

The Matrix actress Carrie-Anne Moss has signed up to play an undisclosed role on the Netflix series Marvel's AKA Jessica Jones According to reports she will be playing a "no-nonsense woman who could prove a powerful ally to Jessica if she doesn't completely alienate her first."Moss joins Krysten Ritter who is playing Jessica Jones, David[...]

AKA Jessica Jones Casts Rachael Taylor As Patsy Walker

Rachael Taylor (Grey's Anantomy) has signed on to play Patricia "Trish" Walker on the Netflix series Marvel's AKA Jessica Jones Walker is a syndicated radio talk show host as well as being a former model and child TV star known as Patsy Walker Here she will play Jessica Jones's (Kristen Ritter) closest friend.In the comics,[...]

David Tennant Joins The Marvel Universe

Marvel has announced that Doctor Who's David Tennant will be joining the AKA Jessica Jones series on Netflix Tennant will be playing villain Zebediah Killgrave, The Purple Man Killgrave has the ability through pheromones to control people mind's when they are physically close to him He also has a sped up healing factor.. and of[...]

Luke Cage, Movie-Calibre Hulking And More In Marvel's TV Future

In the works at this apparently more "grown up" station are aka Jessica Jones, a retitled version of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos' Alias As in the original comic, the story is kick-started when a retired superheroine, Ms Jessica Jones, opens up a private detective agency Mystery-of-the-week hijinks ensue.Loeb revealed that Carol Danvers, the[...]

Jessica Jones And Hulk Shows Expected In The Next Pilot Season

Two Marvel-derived TV projects are edging closer to the small screen, with ABC planning to have AKA Jessica Jones and a Guillermo Del Toro produced Hulk both make their debut appearances during the next pilot season ABC's President Paul Lee made his promise during the TCA today.All being well, we would likely see them start[...]

Bendis' Jessica Jones Racing The Hulk To ABC

As the name of her original comics, Alias, has already been taken, the show has been given the name AKA Jessica Jones.Twilight screenwriter, and sometime Dexter showrunner Melissa Rosenberg is the chief writer on the project Variety report that it will be the first show from her Tall Girls Productions and, if it keeps moving[...]