AKA Jessica Jones Steps In Line And Thor Gets A What If?

Alias_Vol_1_26We know that the comic Alias is being adapted for Netflix (with a few grumblings from the set reaching Bleeding Cool…) to follow Daredevil.

It got a namechange though, due to another TV show of the same name, to AKA Jessica Jones, and the collections of the book also followed suit.


But now it has had another change to just Jessica Jones. So the books are having another namechange to match it.

So the upcoming AKA Jessica Jones Alias Vol 1 and 2 will be now simply be Jessica Jones: Vol 1 Alias and Vol 2 Alias.

Not the only Marvel collection change of note, the Premiere collection of Thor Vol 2 collecting Thor 6-8 and the Annual #1 was noted for having a rather small content size for its $25. Well, now the identity of the new Thor is out, it is safe for Marvel to admit to the collection also containing What If #10 from 1977, featuring the "What If Jane Foster Was Thor?" story…

Because, she now is.

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