Jessica Jones Now AKA Jessica Jones Part of "Bigger Picture" Plan?

Jessica Jones was one of the first Marvel/Netflix shows that debuted on Netflix in a year I don't care to look up right now, that was recently added to Disney+ earlier in 2022. The show joined Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, The Defenders, and a host of other MCU-but-is-it shows on the streaming service. Weirdly though, if you go watch the show right now on Disney+, it is no longer just called Jessica Jones. Now, it is titled AKA Jessica Jones. You can see the title card for it as it appears on the episodes down below. The title on the service remains untouched, however.

Jessica Jones Is Now AKA Jessica Jones On Disney+
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What This Jessica Jones Name Change Means For The MCU

So, the big question is: What does this name change mean for the MCU proper? Well, it could mean a lot of things. As we all know, Jessica Jones was a superhero at one point, going by the name Jewel. Selfishly, I would love to see them touch on this in a show or film of some kind, though who knows how likely that is. This past week, a comic starring Jessica, The Variants, debuted a bunch of alternate versions of her as well, including some based on her having existing powers and identities in the Marvel Universe. That could imply that they will use a second season episode of the animated show What If?… exploring Jessica Jones and different variations of her. Think Captain Carter.

Really, this could be all about the television side of things. It would be hard to believe that they not only would bring Jessica into the MCU film side, she works better in an ensemble and that lends itself more to a bigger cast in a show on Disney+. You know where this title could be leading? Secret Invasion. That storyline, which took place in the Marvel Comics series of the same name in another year I don't feel like looking up right now, had Jessica Jones playing a pretty big part. And since we know the show is coming, and Skrulls will for sure be playing a big role in the MCU going forward since debuting in Captain Marvel. Hell, we already saw them impersonating Nick Fury and Maria Hill in Spider-Man: Far From Home. I could totally see Krysten Ritter returning to the role in that series.

Jessica Jones Is Now AKA Jessica Jones On Disney+
Jessica Jones. Credit Disney

Or, the most likely reason, they just did it for no reason. When the show was under development for Netflix, the original title was AKA Jessica Jones. Each episode of the show begins with "AKA" in the episode title as well. No doubt that there are some plans for the Netflix characters, as we already saw Charlie Cox play Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and recently over the last couple of weeks, Disney has been running internet ads and such saying "It's all connected" about the various Netflix shows over the years. Could they mean to the MCU? Could that mean that they will finally admit that these shows' events took place in the MCU? Or could this be part of a larger "retweaking" like Cox had hinted at when asked if Netflix-Daredevil canon was also now MCU canon? It would mean something to some of the fanbase to finally admit that outloud, honestly it is strange that they refuse to do so even now, in a definitive way.

AKA Jessica Jones is now streaming on Netfl…. Disney+.

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