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DC Comics Now Says Supergirl Was Created By Jerry Siegel And Joe Shuster
Supergirl was created as a female counterpart to Superman in 1959 by writer Otto Binder and artist Al Plastino in 1959, and first appeared in Action Comics. She now has a TV series and, although she doesn't have her own comic right now (both a digital and a print version are in production I'm told), a version of her[...]
Al Plastino's Daughter Calls On DC To Give Him Supergirl Credit
Daughter of the late comic book creator Al Plastino, MaryAnn Plastino Charles posted to Facebook this week, Please get Al the credit he is due and all the creators who have died recently and will not see their characters come to life on television or in the movies They never received any pensions, or health insurance,[...]
DC Entertainment Fulfills Al Plastino's Wish For The JFK / Superman Pages
We covered the story when it first started and we are more than pleased to cover the happy ending. DC Entertainment has announced that they have acquired the Al Plastino pages that featured Superman and John F Kennedy and ran in Superman #170 published shortly after the President was assassinated over 50 years ago The company has donated[...]
Al Plastino Passes, Age 91
Mark Evanier posted the sad news. As some of you may have heard, veteran comic book artist Al Plastino has been locked in a messy squabble lately regarding the ownership of the original art he drew in 1964 for a Superman story about President John F Kennedy The battle has come to a sad ending for[...]
Heritage Auctions Suspends Al Plastino's Superman JFK Pages Sale, Pending Investigation
Last night, Bleeding Cool ran the news that Al Plastino was objecting to the auctioning of his Superman artwork that featured a story with President Kennedy published just after his death, which, he believed, had been donated to a Kennedy Musuem. Noah Fleisher, spokesman for Heritage Auctions has now written to us saying; Our consignor purchased the[...]