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Alan Taylor Will Direct the Sopranos Prequel Film

It would appear that New Line's Sopranos prequel film The Many Saints of Newark has found a director with ties to the original HBO series.The Wrap reports that Alan Taylor, who previously won an Emmy for his Sopranos season 6 episode 'Kennedy and Heidi', will be in the hot seat for the flick.While we don't know much yet about[...]

Annapurna Pictures May Be In On A Starship Troopers Reboot

Right now, Alan Taylor and company are hard at work on Terminator, a new seqboot instalment of James Cameron's formerly exciting series of killer robot time travel pictures All being well, this new chapter will be able to make us care again.Could Annapurna also be about to apply their magic touch (ie Oracle millions and[...]

J.K. Simmons Joining Terminator: Genesis

Simmons has joined the cast of Alan Taylor's reboot Terminator: Genesis.Emilia Clarke is on board as Sarah Connor, the future mother of human resistance leader John Connor (played by Jason Clarke, no relation), while her baby daddy Kyle Reese will be played by Jai Courtney.The ambitious reboot seems like it'll try to weave several storylines[...]

Fresh Character, Plot And Production Details Of The New Terminator Movie

Some people are born to play one role above all others.Alan Taylor is directing, Emilia Clarke is playing the new "main" Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney are in as the adult John Connor and Kyle Reese respectively The fruits of their efforts will be revealed on July 1st next year. I knew[...]

Emilia Clarke Is The New Sarah Connor

Just quickly, to bring some closure to the story: Deadline are reporting that Emilia Clarke has been tapped to play Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genesis.Clarke has professional history with director Alan Taylor courtesy of Game of Thrones.Genesis will get rolling in just a few weeks Everything Terminator is coming your way for the next few[...]

Jason Clarke In Talks To Play John Connor In Terminator: Genesis

While Alan Taylor favors his Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, the studio likes Brie Larson because they see her as more of a rising star While I generally side with giving directors more weight in these kinds of decisions, I have to say I see Paramount's side on this one Larson is indeed a[...]

Terminator Sequel-Reboot Gets The Very Interesting Subtitle, Genesis

This title would even work with that.Alan Taylor still hasn't been officially confirmed as the director but it looks like he's in Production seems set for kick-off in late January.According to Production Weekly, the new Terminator film will be subtitled Genesis This makes a lot of sense when you bear in mind the rumoured[...]

Thor: The Dark World — The Bleeding Cool Review

Branagh’s gleaming cosmic church organ has been sprinkled with a layer of soot and grease by Game Of Thrones director Alan Taylor, and it helps make the place feel real Well, as real as a transdimensional realm of Norse Gods can.Chris Hemsworth is limitlessly charismatic As Thor he is tough and funny and — for[...]

Watch: Loki Featurette For Thor: The Dark World

This new featurette for Thor: The Dark World focuses on Loki, as played with a great deal of delight, it seems, by Tom Hiddleston.[youtube][/youtube]Director Alan Taylor sums up the way in which the dynamic between Thor and Loki works pretty well with the line, "...typical brothers, but heightened"[...]

Joss Whedon Was Called In To Fix Some Scenes In Thor: The Dark World

New Thor director Alan Taylor has been speaking very openly with SFX magazine, explaining how Marvel called on their biggest gun when they really needed an extra big blast.Here's a snippet from the magazine's interview feature, courtesy of  the fans at Thor Movies. Joss came in to save our lives a couple of times[...]

New Loki And Odin Posters For Thor: The Dark World

Both of these characters, Odin and Loki, seem to be pretty popular with audiences and Marvel know it, bumping up their screentime with some new scenes from recent additional shooting.Alan Taylor's The Dark World does look a little less colourful than Kenneth Branagh's take on things, and extending this to the posters shows how much[...]