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Booster Gold And The Return Of The Mystery JLI Woman…
Ever since its original appearance, she's been missing from the cover for some unexplained reason. In this week's Booster Gold #47, the final issue of the series, Booster Gold does make his intentions to one superpowered Alexandra Gianopoulous rather clear… . is that as firm a confirmation as we're going to get until September? In DCU[...]
Identifying The Mystery Woman On The Original Cover Of JLI #1
And a Greek herself. Alexandra Gianopoulous the Greek Of course with this being the Flashpoint Universe, we know what being Greek means,. She's a super-powered something And she's in a book by Dan Jurgens Just like JLI will be. Could Alexandra Gianopoulous be the mystery member of JLI? And will Booster Gold #45 be her first appearance?[...]